logoStepping Stones is a multi-city collaboration between Conservative activists and students in their community.

It is designed to help 8th grade students succeed in high school, with special emphasis on high school students transitioning into college or technical school.  Stepping Stones is currently in Phase 1, where we’re guiding high-school students to meet with enrollment officials at local colleges and tech schools.

We feel it is critical to get these students on the right path early, and using Conservative activivts, we will have the opportunity to provide conservative views and share values while assisting young students achieve their full potential.

Phase 2 will incorporate mentors, who will follow students through their enrollment process and follow through with support and helpful insight.

If you want to know more, or would like to get involved or bring Stepping Stones to your county, email Duke Machado : Duke@GOPisForMe.com

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Stepping Stones Committee

Dr. Sylvia Baack
Stepping Stones Committee Chairman

Tony Abad
GOPisForMe/Stepping Stones Director

Duke Machado
Board Member
(254) 214-9368

Janet Jackson

Board Member

Speaker’s Debate

Hispanics Need to VOTE!

If you're a legal, Hispanic citizen and Registered to Vote, please do your duty and cast your vote for a Conservative candidate.

All across the state of Texas, Hispanics are growing tired of the empty promises offered by Democrats. Voters have seen with their own eyes how Democrats dangle the carrot, yet fail to deliver on their promises.

This website is designed to call Hispanics to action via the power of the Vote.

This November 4th, 2014, we need you to stand and deliver your vote. The country our patriotic parents and grandparents fought for, is being dismantled by the Liberal, Progressive Democrats determined to "rebuild America."

I can promise, their version of America is not the utopia they are selling. They want Socialism. They want to destroy our capitalist economic engine, sending us back 100 years, making us equal to other countries around the world.

I for one, will not stand idly, while they remake this country into something unrecognizable. I will do my part, and I hope you will too.

Immigration / Border PLan

Secure the Border

Using all resources at our disposal, Texas should, with or without help from the Federal Government, secure our southern border and reduce the flow of illegal immigration. (80% Secure)

For those already here Illegally

Create a Documentation plan in which we identify those living in America Illegally. We must separate the good from the bad.

Give 4 year period where all those here illegally, can become registered with: Biometrics Testing, Residence verification, employment info, background check, criminal history. All of which are paid for by the applicant.

Applicants to not gain citizenship at this time, rather, they gain legal status and can work, live and pay taxes like everyone else.

Applicants will go to the back of the line when trying to gain permanent status or citizenship. They will not jump ahead of those who followed the law.

Applicants will be assessed a fine of $2,500 per individual, or a Max of $7,500 per family.

After 4 year period of documentation, any person not registered, will be immediately deported if found or discovered.