Online Radio program features Grassroots Activists talking about Presidential Candidates

The mainstream media is known for repeating the same thing over and over again, until their message sinks in.  Mostly led by liberal minded CEO’s, these media companies have proven to be “in bed” with the Democrat Party.
But despite their misinformation campaigns, grassroots activists know better.  We aren’t fooled by the “lame-stream” media and

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Getting through the Republican Primaries – 2016

I’m not sure the best qualified Republican presidential candidates will get through our Republican primary.   Only those willing to take a hard-line approach on certain issues will have a chance.  All others will be diced up and thrown into the trash.
In short, the most aggressive stance on dealing with illegal immigration will win the nomination.  Why? 

rinaldi villalba

VIDEO : Villalba Vs Rinaldi (Straus Vs Turner)

For years, attempts to “Oust Straus” have failed to remove current Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, Joe Straus.
Usually in a frenzy, those wishing to replace the Speaker, tell stories about the Speaker’s failures and label him as a moderate at best.  In some circles, they would call him a traitor to the