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As one Chapter ends, a New One Begins

13221683_10207611621186181_16379420127409626_nIn Texas Politics, you have to be tough.  You need “thick skin,” as they say.  If anyone expects to enter the realm of the political world, you can rest assured, you will be stung a few times.  Sometimes, it comes from those nearest you, other times, from those you expect.

To endure as a volunteer, let alone, a Republican Party activist, requires a commitment to serve, regardless of cost.  Whether it’s sacrificing time away from family, or the investment of personal funds to advance or promote a cause, true Patriots never complain.

It is the price paid for freedom.

At our recent Senate District Caucus at the Texas GOP Convention, Janet Jackson was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from Senator Brian Birdwell, for her service as SREC for Senate District 22.  She received a standing ovation.

Yes, our troops defend our borders and interests around the world, but back home, we’ve got a country to run and a Congress to manage.  How does it all get done?  Who teaches the Republican Process?  Who trains elections volunteers?  Who promotes candidates, hosts fundraisers, makes calls, organizes the citizens into action?

Our Republican Party process is a beautiful thing, if utilized.  Our strength comes from the State Republican Executive Committeemen and Women  (SREC).  They assist County Chairmen, train Precinct Chairmen, and work with them to effectively turn out the Republican vote.

It’s a job that would probably pay 100K-150K per year, if it actually paid.  But there is no compensation for SREC.  Their reward is knowing they contributed in keeping our country on the right track.  They do it for love of country.

13265972_1312670712094636_3465114531667206855_nI’ve known Janet Jackson, SREC for Texas Senate District 22, for several years.  She helped me develop my understanding of politics and the value of working within the GOP.  We’ve traveled the state spreading the message of Hispanic Inclusion, the need to reach into the Hispanic Community to find the Conservatives.

She’s worked with Republican Women’s groups and the Texas Federation of Republican Women to advance unity and demonstrate what everyone in Texas Politics already knows…Republican Women make things happen!

The Gala Event she coordinated was an incredible evening of powerful speakers including Cecilia Abbott, Sen. Scott Walker and Dinesh D’Souza.  The environment was electric as everyone talked and enjoyed a wonderful dinner , while listening to live music from Jesse Garza’s, Acoustic Dream, from San Antonio.

It was a great way to close one chapter and open another.  Couldn’t have scripted it any better.

12418046_10206804426806826_663526307494331934_nWhat’s next for Janet?  Get ready to see her in her new role as the Chairman of the Texas Republican County Chairman’s Association (TRCCA).  If you’ve ever met Janet, you know she means business, and I can only imagine what she has in store for Texas Republicans.  Congratulations for all your work as our SREC and on your new role with the TRCCA.


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