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X-Triste , Waking up the Hispanic Community

Brownsville, TX  –  For decades, the liberals and their media, have “had their way” with the American people.  Pushing their liberal agenda, using TV, movies and music, they’ve formed a wall of propaganda around us and feed us what they want us to know.

Today, I hear people saying, “It seems like everything is upside down,” and “It’s too late, we’ve already lost her [America].” Across this country, many are losing hope and their faith has gone.

Even President Obama has said our country is no longer a Christian Nation, that we are also a Muslim, Jewish, and Hindu country.

X-Triste, a Christian Evangelist, says otherwise.

Brownsville resident, X-Triste worked in the oil fields and was doing well.  But like countless others across the country, his crew was laid off.  Now, he’s seen what happens when Oil companies stop drilling.  The economy takes a hit and people lose their jobs.

But he’s not discouraged.  He knows he’s serving Jesus Christ, and God has a plan for him.  I agree.  I was first introduced to X-Triste’s music through my friend, Anthony Frazier, CEO Uprise Entertainment.  I’d been asking him to find a Latin Rapper with a positive message.  After months, he posted this link on my facebook page and said, “Here is your Artist!!!”

While most music is filled with sexual content and drug life, X-Triste talks about needing God in our cities.  He was saved in 2008, and is now a soldier in Christ, having made a complete turn-around in life.  His bio tells a story of a rough life, complete with jail time and broken family.  But there is a bright side, and it is his faith that through God, anything is possible, even turning this country around.

I asked, “What do you think of politics?”  Without hesitation he said, “This Iran deal is not good,  We will always support the Jewish people,” emphasizing our need to defend Israel at all costs.

In his music, he’s connecting to Hispanics who need Christ in their lives.  At the same time, he’s opening their eyes to the world of politics.  In his latest release “We Need God in our Cities,” he says,” Right here in America, founded in Christianity. Obama took the Office, everything became insanity.”  In a different verse he explains, “No bibles in our schools, No Jesus in our school, another shooting in the hall but yet there’s nothing we can do.”

He’s got a growing fan base and a strong message to the Hispanic community.  Can he succeed in a world where everything is upside down?

Today, X-Triste finds himself working on his lyrics, sharpening his words, crafting his message.  We talked about the message of other artists like Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lil-Wayne, and how they promoted a certain lifestyle.

The liberal lyrical content is corrupting minds.  You’ll hear a general hatred of police.  You hear about the drug industry, cartels, and gang life, but where’s the Artist that goes against the grain?  We can find the cussing, crotch grabbing rappers everywhere, but where’s the positive message?

Truth is, record labels rely on the control of the media content.  They decide which songs get played based on the content.  It’s not “cool” to bounce your head to an Evangelist, is it?  To those paying attention, it is people like X-Triste , who are willing to go against the system and promote a positive message in their music.  They need to be recognized.

He travels to Mexico and South America to preach the Gospel to people and performs his music in Spanish, continuing to spread a message of hope through salvation.

“We need to get right with God,” he said.  “I believe we’re in the end times according to the prophesies,” he added.  We also talked about Iran and how Muslim Extremists are putting our future in danger.  We had a short discussion about the Hispanic vote and the differences between both Parties.

I think X-Triste is good for the GOP, and his message can grab the attention of the Hispanic culture.

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