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Donald Trump is Under Attack for No Good Reason

I’m listening to Donald Trump’s announcement speech, the one that supposedly has the Hispanic community in uproar.  This is the speech that has resulted in his removal from NBC, Univision, and Macy’s department stores.  Sadly, it is so misinterpreted that it is shameful any Hispanic has bought into the propaganda of the left.

If you are one of those people who is offended by what Trump said, then you only listen to what you want to hear. You do not listen to everything, or take anything he says in context. Instead, you follow the rhetoric and hate him for speaking the truth.

He does not lie when he says that rapists, criminals and murderers are crossing the border.

If you are offended by this statement then you need to wake up. He’s not talking about you or your family back in Mexico Central America or South America. Unless your family are criminals, then he’s not talking about you.

Don’t pretend to think that he thinks all Hispanic people from these countries are criminals, and don’t try to switch things up and put words in his mouth.

I already know those of you on that side of the argument who want amnesty and open borders, will call me a racist. I’m used to it. If I believed I was a racist I might be offended, but because I know I’m not a racist, I don’t associate with the comment.

Rational people, those who aren’t ready to protest in a split second, understand that Donald Trump said some of the people, not all. There is a difference, and if a person who is offended cannot conclude or acknowledge this difference, then they are not willing to accept the truth.

Do they deny murderers, rapists and criminals cross the border illegally? Do they deny these people live among us and our neighborhoods?

Let them try. We know better.

While not all illegal immigrants are criminals to the extent of committing heinous crimes, coming here without going through the proper procedure, does not entitle them to legal status or citizenship.

Like a pack of wolves, the liberal media and those in the progressive movement surround Trump and conflate his statements because they know the average person will not research the truth. This is the sad state of our Hispanic community.

His point is that we don’t know who’s coming across the border. We don’t know which countries they come from and we especially don’t know what their intentions are. So just as you say he cannot prove these criminals are coming across the border, you cannot prove they are not coming.

It is time that we call out anyone who stands against the security of this nation. We can’t allow illegal immigrants to define our policies. We can’t allow progressives, liberals, Democrats to pull the wool over the Hispanic community’s eyes.

Shame on them for fabricating this storyline and missing the point. If they care more about a possible misstatement than the security of this nation, then I question their sincerity. I question their loyalty.

I think it’s great that NBC, Univision, and Macy’s have canceled their relationships with Donald Trump. It’s better to know where you stand than to think you know, only to find out differently.

It is my prediction that Trump will have replacement networks and department stores in a very short time.

By the way, I am a Hispanic in Texas, and I am not offended by what Donald Trump said.

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  1. I agree with you Duke Machado

  2. Great points and I also agree with you !

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