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Lester Gibson “Myth” Comes to Life

IMG_0783For years, rural residents in McLennan County Precinct 2, have been disgruntled with their Commissioner, Lester Gibson.  His lack of response and lack of concern for their issues has enraged taxpayers, causing them to wonder why he does not respond.

In their circles, they say things like, “Our roads are bad because he’s mad we don’t vote for him,” suggesting Gibson is punishing them and showing them the consequences of not voting for him. When I first heard this, I didn’t believe it.  Surely an elected official isn’t so brazen as to disregard the constituents.

But after hearing several times, from people across the precinct, I was beginning to think it may be true. On October 21st, Tony Abad, Republican candidate for Commissioner Pct. 2, held a Meet & Greet in Mart.  Commissioner Gibson, without invitation, decided to show up with his wife and interrupt the meeting.

As mentioned in a previous article, Gibson began adding his responses to Tony Abad’s answers.  In short, he was stepping on Tony’s answers with his own.  Totally disrespectful and an attempt at intimidation. Unfortunately for Gibson, who essentially opened himself up to it, the outraged and ignored residents of Pct. 2 felt it may have been their only opportunity to face Gibson directly and get an answer.  They began asking him pointed questions about why he never returns their calls.

They asked why he has failed to maintain their roads.  They asked questions to the point Gibson became obviously irritated and stood up to face them. He raised his voice and tried to defend himself, but there were too many actual residents who were tired of his political games.  They wanted answers and kept up their questions.

Unable to respond, and seeing the tide turn against him, Gibson motioned to his wife and said, “Let’s go.” Abad, who stood there in amazement, as did others in the crowd, continued his Q&A, bringing everyone back tot he conversation. After the meeting ended, 10-15 people approached me to find out why I wrote the article about Mart.

I explained my position and described driving their roads and talking to Mart residents.  As I was defending my article, I mentioned how so many people have been telling Tony how they felt Gibson has ignored them. It was at this time, a man stepped forward and said, “I can get him (Gibson) on my cell phone anytime.  He answers every time I call.  Maybe if they’d vote for Lester, he’d help them out.”

I couldn’t believe it.  There I was, standing in front of all these Gibson supporters, and a man comes up and verbalizes what all these upset residents have been saying for years. I responded, “What?  Are you serious?  Did you all hear what he just said?”

They all looked at each other and acted like nothing was said, but they could tell I knew how damaging it was.  I said, “Is that what kind of Commissioner you want?  Someone who only takes care of the people who vote for him?  The rest can go to hell?” Crickets.  The man stepped back and the others were just absorbing what was just said.  The myth had come to life.


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