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Experience Matters – Elect Ralph Patterson for SREC SD-22

Chairman, Ralph Patterson

Chairman, Ralph Patterson

To my friends in SD-22, Ralph Patterson is running to be your State Republican Executive Committeeman. He’s got 30 years Republican activism and is the current Chairman of the Republican Party in McLennan County, the largest county in SD-22.

He has the experience and time required to effectively carry out the duties of SREC.

For these many reasons, and because of the working relationship I have with him as the Outreach Director for the McLennan County Republican Party, I fully support Ralph Patterson for SREC SD-22.

Many of you know about the troubles I had with the McLennan County Republican Chairman several years ago.  Back then, I was simply trying to get involved in my local Party, anxious to contribute my time.

But to my astonishment, I was turned away, told my help wasn’t needed, and even worse, that I wouldn’t find any Hispanics in McLennan County willing to raise the Republican flag.

Well, those days are over, thanks to one very committed Republican…Ralph Patterson.

Today, McLennan is heading in a new direction, with new leadership. No longer are we the county of exclusion, rather, we’re inclusive.  Under Ralph’s leadership, McLennan County has turned a page, opening a new Headquarters, and staffing it daily.

We have increased our efforts to engage those who were previously left out, and today, the Party is better for it.

Despite attempts by those previously in power to derail Ralph Patterson, all they’ve really done is show their true colors, the way they did when I initially tried to get involved.

When one loses 20+ years of control of a county, bitterness and resentment follow.  But, regardless of their feelings, one fact remains; Ralph Patterson was elected by a majority of Conservative Republicans in McLennan County.

Why was he elected? Because he was ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT, and wanted to be inclusive of all Republicans, not just those favored by the establishment. He saw the way they ran the Party and knew something had to change. So, he did what no one else would do. He campaigned like no one else, and he gave his all in order to create a paradigm shift in McLennan County politics.

He received support from Republicans, Tea Party members and all those fed up with the way things were done.  In the end, he won.  Ralph Patterson is where he is because he wants to be there. He ran because he wanted to make the Party a better place for more people.

Now, some of the very same people who supported him a few years ago, have turned on him. Why? Because he wouldn’t “play ball,” the way they wanted him to. 

When we go to Convention, let’s remember this…while Ralph and his opponents all share passion for politics and Christian values, only one has the actual and practical experience to do the job.  This is why I will cast my vote for Ralph Patterson for SREC SD-22.



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