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Done with Dewhurst


Sen. Dan Patrick, Candidate for Lt. Governor

You’d think Lt. Governor David  Dewhurst would have learned his lesson during his run against Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate.  But, it’s obvious he hasn’t.

I keep hearing the commercials slamming Patrick, using non-facts to drum up suspicion among the voters.  I have friends who are supporting Dewhurst, but they can’t say anything about him other than, “He’s a TRUE Conservative.”

Well, here’s my take on the race, and I’m sure some of my Hispanic friends will say I’m crazy, but I don’t support a candidate just because they say “hi” to me at a meeting, or take their picture with me.

I support a candidate because of the way I think they’ll vote on issues.  With regard to one major issue in Texas, Immigration, I like what Dan Patrick has to say about securing the border and eliminating taxpayer funded “hand-outs” to illegal immigrants.

One major draw for illegals is the fact they know Texas is the land of hand-outs.  Come here and sign up for freebies and life is good.  I see people all the time, can’t speak a word of English, paying for over $200 of groceries with their LoneStar card, then loading it all up into their Escalade.

I have to work and budget my income in order to feed my family.  I don’t have the crutch of the government to lean on.  I have to pay taxes on my income, so that the free-loaders can continue sucking our system dry?  We CITIZENS have been paving the way for ILLEGALS to prosper, without consequence.

We can’t even ask if someone’s illegal without being labeled as a bigot.

But you know what, I’m sick of it.  I’m sick of the freeloaders.  I’m sick of ILLEGALS taking what rightfully belongs to our own CITIZENS.

In-State Tuition for Illegal residents is a slap in the face for all hard-working Texans.  There are consequences for coming to Texas illegally, and reduced  rates for undocumented college students is not a right.  No one is saying to these students, “No…you can’t go to college!”  What we are saying is, if you’re not living here legally, then you are not a legal Texas resident, and therefore, must pay the same rate as other Americans who want to go to college at Texas Universities.

Dan Patrick agrees with this common sense approach.  He understands that we must eliminate incentives for Illegals in order to reduce the flow of illegal immigration.

Patrick isn’t getting into the mud like Dewhurst has, which is a sign of  a True Conservative.  Dewhurst will say whatever, to whomever, based on his audience.  He was Anti-Tea Party, and now, miraculously, he’s Pro-Tea Party.


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