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After the border

Jerry Patterson, Republican Candidate for Texas Lt. Governor. (Photo - GOPisForMe)

Jerry Patterson, Republican Candidate for Texas Lt. Governor. (Photo – GOPisForMe)

The immigration debate has been Hi-Jacked!  All we seem to talk about is how tough we’re “gonna be” on the border, but no one wants to talk about the 800 Lb gorilla in the room.

Our Republican Candidates (or their consultants) create ads with battle themed background music, hoping to convince voters who’s toughest, but it’s all chest thumping.

With the media blitz and primary frenzy underway, it may be hard to decide who to trust…who to vote for. But not all candidates are alike, and in the immigration debate, one stands out.

The race for Lt. Governor of Texas, in the Republican Primary, includes the incumbent and three challengers. Texas being a border state, immigration issues are high priority, and one’s position on immigration and border security, may make or break their campaign.

While rational people realize we are not about to launch a full scale “round-up” of illegal immigrants, irrational people would favor a round-up and mass deportation initiative.  This is the real rub in this debate.

All candidates have tough positions on the Texas border and have plans on how we go about tightening and toughening the border.  However, after we secure the border, and I have no doubt we will, what next?

What do we do with the millions of undocumented?  Do we keep pretending they don’t exist, or keep “wishing” them back to their country of origin?  Doing nothing is not realistic, and we know it.  So why aren’t some of our candidates for Lt. Governor willing to dig down and address the real question at hand?

“What do we do with the undocumented already living here?”

Sen. Dan Patrick’s position is we can’t really address that issue until we secure the border.  Basically, a non-answer in my opinion, and the safest way to go, in a Primary.

Commissioner Todd Staples has a 6 point plan, which surely comes from his experience dealing with ranchers along the Southern border.  He addresses the undocumented issue, and puts it out there on paper.  It goes along the lines of a “Penalty-Not-Pardon policy.”

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst has flip-flopped on this issue, having first talked about a documentation and residency plan, only to back-pedal and double-down on self deportation rhetoric.

Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, has been out there, on the front lines of this debate, talking about real solutions since the beginning.  He was the only statewide elected official willing to stand in favor of the Texas Solution, the state Party’s news breaking Immigration solution.  He took a risk no one else was willing to take, and because of this leadership decision he made, against the “establishment,” he’s proven himself.

Patterson simply adheres to the Republican Party Platform, the Texas Solution, which in many ways, passed because of his speech at the 2012 Republican Party of Texas State Convention.

One thing’s for sure, this election cycle has brought the immigration debate to the front, where it should have been for the past 20 years.  Maybe now, we can move forward.

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