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4 Republicans Seek TX Governor’s Seat

Four Republican candidates seeking Governor's seat.

Four Republican candidates seeking Governor’s seat.

With the news current Texas Governor, Rick Perry, will not seek another term as Governor, four Republican candidates have placed themselves in the running as the leader of the most successful state in the union.

Since 1995, Texans have lived in a Republican state with a Republican Governor, and during this time, Texas has become the #1 state to start a new business for three years in a row.  With it’s friendly business climate and low tax structure, businesses from across the country are closing shop and moving to Texas.  With them, come new jobs, new homes, new automobiles and merchandise.

The Republican formula is simple.  Keep the businesses happy, and the rest will fall in line.

Greg Abbott

Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott, has been a part of the Texas success story, serving as A.G. since 2002.  By far the favorite in this race, Abbott has the ground game in place, as well as the financial backing to carry him across the finish line.

With statewide name recognition, Abbott has been in the media spotlight for many years, suing the the Obama Administration an amazing 25 times.  In addition to his tenacity with protecting Texas residents from the federal government, he’s also a Pro-Life advocate, and has secured multiple endorsements from Texas Right to Life PAC and the very conservative Pro-Life Governor, Mike Huckabee.  Other endorsements include the Texas Municipal Police Association along with  countless others from Texas organizations.

Abbott is highly organized and efficient, with by far the largest staff and volunteer base.  His email blasts are continuous, and his supporters are passionate.

Yet, despite his seemingly rock-star popularity, he has three additional Republican primary opponents.

Tom Pauken

Tom Pauken, who worked in the Ronald Reagan Administration and served as Texas’ Workforce Commission Chairman, says Abbott is not who he appears to be, suggesting Texans need a more fiscally conservative Governor.  In a previous interview with VOXXI, Pauken says Abbott is “part of the crony capitalism” taking place in Texas, where politicians pad their pockets with favors to big business. “You’ve got Austin insiders and special interest,” said Pauken, “and an attitude of the bureaucracy running the trains in Austin.”

Pauken, known for his straight forward, no sugar-coating dialogue, claims Texas is about to experience a massive shortfall in funds, leaving Texas in poor fiscal condition.   Raul Torres, CPA and Republican Candidate for Texas Comptroller, says “the Legislature should be aware of the (budget) issues, yet they don’t compile the data and therefore have not created a strategy to deal with it in the ensuing 10 20 30 years.”  Torres added, “I compiled the facts and figures and now the people need to know. There is too much at stake.  We cannot wait.”

As a military veteran, serving in Vietnam as an intelligence officer, Pauken has a good grasp on the issue of border security, a major concern in Texas.  “We have a serious influx of drug cartels in our state.  We have killings as far north as Dallas, here the Cartels have infiltrated our state, and I think the state ought to be responsible for dealing with this issue, ” stated Pauken.   His solution regarding drug cartels is one which involves a sophisticated intelligence operation in order to identify them and “roll them up.”  “Under the current leadership, we’re not doing enough on this front,” he added.  “My focus would be on the technological developments out there, that would allow us to secure our own borders.”

Larry SECEDE Kilgore

The secessionist of the group, Larry SECEDE Kilgore is the most controversial candidate, who’s goal as governor, is to separate Texas from the Union.  With a following of other secessionists, Kilgore is determined to “end DC’s rule of Texas.”

From Kilgore’s website, “After winning the 2014 GOP primary, SECEDE will ask the current Governor to call a special session for a secession referendum to be placed on the ballot. If he refuses, then SECEDE will do it when he gets in office. Secession will occur within 100 day after inauguration or SECEDE will resign. SECEDE will not accept a leadership position in the nation of Texas, until at least one year after secession.”

SECEDE looks forward to working with the US to negotiate a fair separation of assets and liabilities. According to SECEDE, “Texas may end up more oppressive than the US or we may be a bastion of freedom.  SECEDE promises neither.”

Miriam Martinez

While Abbott and Pauken battle it out across the state, one unassuming candidate continues to gain support among the Hispanic community.  Miriam Martinez, a naturalized citizen from Mexico, is the first Latina to ever run for the office of Governor.  Martinez, a media consultant and former correspondent for Univision, says she’s the perfect candidate for Governor, since she most identifies with the quest for freedom and the preservation of Texas’ sovereignty.

Martinez, who ran for Texas House of Representatives, District 41 (South Texas), has been the underdog much of her life.  She’s been told by many in South Texas that she doesn’t stand a chance to win, but as she has done her entire life, she’s not listening to the naysayers.  Instead, she’s forging ahead, running on the fact that she is not a career, corrupt politician.

With immigration being a major issue in Texas, the fact she waited 20 years to become a citizen puts her in a unique position to draw from the ever-growing Hispanic community.  “I have a right to vote.  I have the right to live in this country, be productive and be an example for my family and my children,” explained Martinez.  She feels duty bound to run for office and restore the integrity of the office.

Martinez comes from a family of 9 children, and started working when she was 14 years old.  Her foundation is based in her strong relationship with her mother, who told her that she could do anything, with God’s help.

One of the platform issues she plans to run on, the legalization of medical marijuana, is a position neither of her opponents support.  But, according to recent polls in Texas, 58% of those polled responded favorably to new legislation favoring legalization.  In addition to supporting controversial positions, Martinez is fluently bilingual and has strong ties to our Southern ally, Mexico.  Will all this help her gain traction?  Only time will tell.

According to a straw poll (1900 votes cast) on GOPisForMe, an Auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas, Abbott wins by a landslide, followed by Pauken, Larry Secede Kilgore and Martinez in 4th place.  But as they say about early polling, it’s hard to gauge.  If Facebook “likes” mean anything as a determining factor, they fall in line with the early polls.  Greg Abbott – 233,327.  Tom Pauken – 18,859.  Miriam Martinez – 4,998. Larry SECEDE Kilgore – 375.



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  1. Lisa4Texas

    If you are about Hispanic Outreach in the GOP, especially in the Governor’s race, you might want to check this out:

    And google, Lisa Fritsch, New York Times. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • DukeMachado DukeMachado

      wow. Why haven’t I heard anything about you? We should get together next time you’re in Waco, and I’d be happy to interview you.

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