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Obama’s Lemon, Affordable Healthcare Act

Obama Lemon1When you buy a pre-owned vehicle, there are plenty of companies waiting to help ensure you don’t get “stung” in the process.

With modern technology, consumers can purchase a car-fax report to learn the history on the vehicle before they spend their hard-earned money.  After going through some precautionary procedures, they visit the dealership, test drive the car, and purchase it if everything seems in order.

Usually, everything goes well, but what happens after you spend the money and on the way home, you hear the engine begin to knock? You see the check-engine light turn on, and within minutes, smoke is coming from the rear of your newly purchased vehicle.

If you’re like most people, your temperature begins to rise, and you immediately start thinking of how you can “get out” of the car deal.

But much like Obamacare, you can’t. The ink has already dried, and there’s nothing you can do. Like a hopeless buyer, who is now the proud owner of a lemon, you’re stuck like chuck.

It’s a hard lesson in life, and one that teaches you, be careful who you buy from.

Americans have been sold a lemon with Obamacare, and the check-engine light is glowing brightly. Many of us are still hopeful we can apply the law somehow to save us from the loss, but we’re learning there’s nothing we can do.

The law has been created to protect the dealer, and in this case, to protect the Obama Administration. In the real world, you might go back to the dealership and ask to speak with the Owner. You’d hope to be able to speak rationally about the purchase and make your case to the dealer, and you might be able to get an appointment.

But the law is clear. After you’ve made the purchase, paid for the vehicle and taken delivery, it’s yours, even if it’s laying in pieces.

Similar to Obamacare, we can attempt to speak with our representatives and make our case, but the ultimate decision to do anything lies with the Congress and President Obama, and you can bet, their doors are closed.

They’re still holding on to their lies, trying to spin their way out of this mess.

In most cases, a dealer who sells lemons, eventually, goes out of business. Ultimately, the customers file complaints with the Better Business Bureau, post comments online, and tell all their friends. Within a few years, the negative PR adds up, and the dealer closes its doors.

But unlike the real world, we “consumers” of health care don’t have the ability to end the nightmare called Obamacare. We’re gonna be stuck with it. We’re being dumped on and being asked to like it.

That’s life in America today, like it or not!

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