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If Democrats are the compassionate Party, why didn’t they free their slaves?

1iron0147bI’ve been reading a book titled, “RIP Ford’s Texas.”  In it, John Ford, a Texas Ranger and Democrat Legislator living in the mid 1800’s, wrote about the early stages of Texas’ history.  He wrote about the challenges they faced ridding Texas of the Indian problem, and their skirmishes with Mexico’s thugs.

He also talked about politics, and the Democrat Party in particular, with much insight on their perspective of slavery.  It’s amazing to me, how the Democrat Party has positioned itself as the Party of “compassion,”  especially considering their founding principles.

While the Democrat Party, along with the media, have done all they can to reverse history by making Republicans look like the Party that supported slavery, the fact is, it was the Democrats, in our nation’s early history, who fought for slavery.  They felt it was their “God given right,” to own slaves, stating “throughout history, man has owned slaves.”

When the Republican Party in the mid 1800’s started pressuring the slave states to abolish slavery, it was Democrats who resisted.  They rallied together, formed alliances, and claimed slaves were their “property,” and not entitled to equal treatment under the law.

In 1854, the situation became so bad, that within the Democrat Party, many anti-slavery Democrats left the Party, joining what eventually became the Republican Party.  As tension continued to mount, and President Lincoln (a Republican…not a Democrat) decided he was willing to go to war in order to free the slaves, Democrats in the South still rejected it.   If Democrats are the compassionate Party, then why didn’t they release their slaves?

Instead, they held their ground and decided to go to war rather than turn their slaves free. In their minds, the slaves “belonged” to them, and they weren’t going to give them up.

Given every opportunity to do the right thing and free the slaves, Democrats held fast to their core beliefs…that slaves (Negroes/Blacks/Africans) were not equals, and should not be allowed to live as free men.   It was the Democrat’s unwillingness to give up their slaves that ultimately brought on the Civil War.

BESTPIX:  Barack Obama Sworn In As U.S. President For A Second TermIt’s easy to try and re-write history, especially when you have the media on your side, and it’s even easier when no one’s willing to discover truth.  But as one great American famously said, “the truth shall set you free!”  No wonder Democrats have tried so hard to distance themselves from the facts.  If the Black population actually discovered they were in the former slave-owner’s camp, they’d leave the Party in droves, but they’ve been hood-winked.  As long as Jay-Z, Kanye West and Beyonce make it “cool” to be a Democrat, the rest will follow.  To me, they’re no different than the African tribes who helped capture their own people and sell them to the slave traders.

The truth is, the foundations of the Democrat Party are not rooted in equality and fairness for all, as they pretend to be.  That’s why I’m amazed so many Black people identify themselves as Democrats, based on this clear fact.  It’s as if they don’t know, or if they do, aren’t willing to accept the truth.  Instead, they support the Democrat Party because they believe it’s the Party of the “little guy.”  How sad.

I guess in one way, the saying is true, “you are where you are because of the choices you make.”  In my opinion, the Democrat Party is continuing their tradition of slavery, by capturing the poor, disadvantaged people desperate for help.

By offering a lifetime of financial benefits, setting the hook and placing the shackles isn’t so uncomfortable.  It comes with a smile and an unwritten request…”if you want to keep getting your benefits, you’ll vote for a Democrat.”



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  1. A

    Grasping for straws here? Slavery was a disaster regardless of what party you belong to but let’s focus on what each party stands for today. Identifying your party by the past would render almost any American as independent. Most of the Black population today are Democrats for a reason…as are most compassionate people in my opinion. Years from now there will be a similar argument like this involving gay rights. The GOP will likely have changed their minds on the issue by then but I imagine the articles will be written in an equally ashamed and embarrassed fashion because of how ludicrous the idea of withholding marriage from tax paying adult citizens is. Only, this time, there will be no argument on who created the inequality.

    • DukeMachado DukeMachado

      Thanks for your response.

      You’re right. Regardless of Party, slavery was a disaster. But, when one looks into the history of the Party, it’s clear, and no one can dispute, that the Democrat Party went to war because they wanted to keep slavery alive. They were the Southern states, all of which were prospering because of slavery.

      Republicans fought for the release of all slaves. Republicans were the compassionate ones, not the Democrats.

      Yet, somehow, Democrats have successfully vilified Republicans for so long, now the Black community thinks we were the slave owners. ‘

      Now we have Obamacare. I just interviewed a Black man, Vietnam Veteran who was wounded in battle. He was wearing a Barack Obama cap. I asked if he was still a supporter. He said he “was” an Obama supporter, but now he’s not. Why? Because things just don’t add up. He feels the President lied to him. Which is happening all across the country, hence his low 37% approval rating.

      He said Obamacare is like modern day slavery. Brought on by the Democrats.

      Regarding the Gay issue. I don’t see us changing our principles on Gay Marriage, which is totally different than being “against gays.” Democrats tell people that Republicans are at war with the gay community. No we’re not! We really don’t care what people want to do in their own homes. We’re against gay people marrying each other. They can have civil unions, agree to financial terms, live together, will their fortunes to each other… I want all Americans to enjoy life.

      The GOP is based on Godly principles, and always has been.

      The Democrat Party wants to remove God from the Constitution, public buildings, public places, public schools, and anywhere else they can delete the reference to God. Their platform is different than ours.

      What is the reason most Black people are Democrat? (I’d prefer not to guess what your … means.)

  2. this article is ridiculous. that's as hypocritical as saying, if Christians knew their forefathers were once slaveowners, they'd no longer be Christians.

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