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Interview with Jerry Patterson

Texas Land Commissioner, Jerry Patterson. Candidate - Lt. Governor.

Texas Land Commissioner, Jerry Patterson. Candidate – Lt. Governor.

Recently, Tony Abad and I drove to Austin, for a short visit with Texas Land Commissioner, Jerry Patterson.

The first time I heard him speak, was on behalf of the Texas Solution at the Texas Repulican Convention. My initial reaction was, “Now here’s a guy who’s taking a major risk speaking out in favor of this immigration plank.” It was a risk.

Despite the pressure to avoid the tough issue of Immigration, Patterson, a retired Marine Officer, former Texas Senate member and candidate for Lt. Governor, stood strong. Rather than hide behind the rhetoric of the time, he boldly led on the issue of Immigration, helping to make history by playing a role in the addition of the Texas Solution to the Republican Platform.

Already known for passing the Concealed Hand-Gun Bill in Texas while in the Senate, and for his “Reptile Disfunction” comment about the federal government’s attempt to shut down Texas drilling because of an endangered lizzard, Patterson is known for taking risks.

In a state-wide race, where Hispanics will soon be the majority, gaining support from Hispanics, or “Tejanos,” as Patterson prefers, is a must. With a deep understanding of Texas history, including the role Tejanos played in shaping this state, Patterson’s perspective is refreshing, and encouraging.

For some reason, Tejanos for the most part, have become almost non-existent at the polls. Sure, 71% of Hispanics voted for President Obama in 2012, but generally, less than 20% of registered Hispanic voters ever show up on election day.

We asked Patterson about the Hispanic / Tejano vote, and about the future of Texas, in particular, how Hispanics will fit in that future.

Will Hispanics continue to align with the Democrat mantra of empty promises, or will the people see through the propaganda and cast their vote for a candidate who supports liberty over tyranny…even if the most qualified is a republican?

In this interview, you’ll get an inside look at Jerry Patterson, and you’ll understand why so many people relate to his straight-forward approach to difficult issues. One thing we all know…Tejanos will cast their vote for someone they trust. They’ll support candidates who tell the truth, and don’t hold back, even when it’s a hard pill to swallow.

From my experience with Jerry Patterson, he’s the kind of candidate that would resonate among Tejanos.

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  1. Peggy Thomas

    Great words from Jerry Patterson–I’ve put on my FB. Those words were unminced!

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