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Frank Kuchar Challenges Congressman Joe Barton in 2014 Election

Frank Kuchar to challenge 30 Yr. Incumbent, Joe Barton for U.S. Congress

Frank Kuchar to challenge 30 Yr. Incumbent, Joe Barton for U.S. Congress

Constitutional Conservative Frank Kuchar will officially announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination for the 6th Congressional seat currently held by 30-year incumbent Joe Barton, Monday, Memorial Day. The event will be held at Kimmel Park in Midlothian from 10:30 am to 2:00pm. Hotdogs will be provided; click here to RSVP for the rally.

Mr. Kuchar will be speaking on the significance of Memorial Day and its relation to our founding principles and Constitution. His speech will commence at noon. It will be at this time that he announces his candidacy.


Mr. Kuchar believes our nation is at a crossroads. Job security and employment prospects for recent graduates are on shaky ground. Our tax system is repressive and in need of a complete overhaul , starting with the IRS. Government meddling in energy matters through the EPA is driving up the cost of living on all fronts. Our education system is failing our children. Failure to deal with the looming crisis of our social programs threatens the security of those dependent upon them.


Though the district’s current representative has a long career in Washington, Mr. Kuchar contends that he has lost his constitutional moorings and in order to right our fiscal ship, new representation is required. Mr. Barton has contributed to our current debt crisis by numerous votes to raise the national debt ceiling, most recently in January to suspend our debt ceiling altogether. In addition, over the years Mr. Barton has voted for numerous unconstitutional, wasteful spending programs that have contributed to our mounting debt. He has also failed to demonstrate leadership in aggressively working towards solutions to these issues that threaten our fiscal stability.


In order for our nation reverse this path to destruction, it requires a representative who believes in the limited role of government and free-market economics. Frank Kuchar will be this kind of representative. We deserve better; we can do better.


For more information contact:


Joyce Liptak
(972) 816-0992
Kuchar for US House Committee

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