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Senator Cruz is Under Attack By Washington Liberals

TedCruzThe political and media elites are attacking Ted Cruz. As a real, principled conservative who will not succumb to the corrupting pressures so common in Washington, Senator Cruz is a threat to the big-government elites. Conservatives should tell their senators that they should stand firm together with Sen. Cruz.

Take action: Tell your Senators to support Ted Cruz who is facing vicious leftist attacks.

Because Cruz has no interest in playing by corrupt Washington rules, even some of his so-called friends have resorted to ad hominem attacks. Using descriptors that would be better directed at themselves, they’ve called him a jerk, a liar, immature, ignorant, narcissistic and whiny.

Make the call: Let your Senators know you want them to stand side by side with Ted Cruz.

Remember this: darkness doesn’t like the light, and Ted Cruz has come to Washington to spread light on the issues. Many lawmakers like to operate in the shadows, behind closed doors, crafting policies that will serve the interests of a few. Cruz threatens the status quo because he is articulate, principled, and fearless. And that’s never a good combination for Washington politicians who, in their bitter envy, futile attacks, and gratuitous detraction, have made it a full-time job to tear down one of their most fearless colleagues.

Thank you for making the call and supporting real conservatives,

Russ Vought
Political Director
Heritage Action for America

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