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Texas Senators Oppose Obama’s Gun Control Bill

Texas Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn stand against Obama Gun Control Legislation.

Texas Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn stand against Obama Gun Control Legislation.

I am proud of our Texas Senators, Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, who stood against the Obama gun control legislation, saying to Obama and his administration that Texans will not fold or “deal” when it comes to our 2nd Amendment rights. 

Despite the unbelievable propaganda from the Obama Administration, using children and victims of Sandy Hook and Virginia Tech, it wasn’t enough to sway 60 Senators into supporting the bill.  In an almost straight partisan vote, 54 senators voted to support the bill, including a handful of republicans.  One of those was Sen. John McCain of Arizona, who has been losing the confidence from conservatives and many republicans across the country.  

We’ve wondered about his intentions and listened closely to his words, questioning his motives.  Personally, I’ve felt as if he’d lost his way, no longer standing for issues that resonate with people like me.

The media darling, McCain is always sought after to speak on issues from the republican perspective, yet watching him on television, only frustrated me, as his weakness and positions on key issues was evident.  Occasionally, he’d do something we all liked, and would inch back toward the conservative side, but I have no idea why he would support the Obama gun control legislation.

We’re all familiar with McCain’s history and service.  We all know he’s a national hero.  But where is that John McCain?  Why would he think it’s OK to force new gun control measures on us, knowing the liberal’s long term goals to reduce American’s capacity to own guns?

 Speaking with some friends from Argentina, where I’m told it’s illegal for normal citizens to own a gun, I was reminded of the process in which inch by inch, gun rights were eradicated from the people.  At one time, Argentina’s constitution closely resembled the American constitution.  They had freedom, and liberty.  They could own guns to protect themselves and their families.

Today, the only ones who can own guns are those employed by the government.  And even then, the cost of permits, weapons and ammunition are so extraordinary, it’s nearly impossible to acquire a gun. 

Is that what McCain wants for America?  Doesn’t he understand we’re dealing with politicians who will not stop and will never be satisfied with gun ownership in America?

Maybe McCain is smarter than all of us.  Maybe he knows something we don’t?   Or, maybe he’s just out of touch with the American people?  Whatever the reason, his support of the Obama gun control legislation exposes him and his true nature.  In my opinion, he cannot be trusted to do the right thing when it matters most.

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