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Man on the Street : Carl Giles, “It’s a Joyful Struggle”

Carl Giles and his horse "Buddy"

Carl Giles and his horse “Buddy”

Today I met a man who rides his horse in his neighborhood in East Waco.

Joined by other friends who have a passion for horse riding, they loaded up and headed out, hitting many of the landmarks of Waco, including the suspension bridge and Cameron Park, before heading back to Hood Park, where they regrouped to finish out their ride in the streets off Dallas, Lennox and Hood.

After nearly an hour or more of riding, Carl Giles peeled off and headed home.  Having just met him, I asked if he’d be willing to interview with me and and talk about his horse “Buddy,” and why they prefer to ride in town vs. out in the country.

As with all of our “Man in the Street” videos, I usually bring up current events and try to get honest, heartfelt responses to difficult questions.  I have always found that the average person, who thinks clearly, can put things in simple terms, that we can all relate to.

We talked about the mindset of the community, and about life in America. His response, “I’d rather live in America as a cock roach than to live anywhere else.” “Why is that?” I asked. “Because this is my home…it’s the only place I know.”

I learned Carl is a single father, raising his six year old daughter. Like any six year old, she wants lights on the house, and a tree in the living room. Knowing he’s got to make this happen, he’s confident things will work out…they always do.

From Christmas to the shooting in Connecticut, we talked about life and the struggle.  I hope you enjoy this video and share it with your friends and family.  It’s good to know there are people out there who continue to have joy in the midst of difficult times.

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