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RNC’s Silence on Immigration Draws Concern from Hispanic Republicans

Reince Priebus. REUTERS/Lee Celano.

Rather than wonder what the Republican National Committee is doing with regard to issues of concern among many Hispanics, like immigration, education, border security and jobs, I decided to contact the RNC to let them know they had a dedicated Hispanic Republican in Texas, who was willing to help.

As a  very active Republican across the state, and the Director of an Auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas focused on Hispanic Outreach, it seemed like a great time to connect and have a discussion on our game plan moving forward.

Several weeks ago, I’d written about the RNC’s Hispanic page on the official Party website and how it omitted a key issue for Hispanics…Immigration.  I sent a message through the Party’s “contact us” link, and have been waiting to hear from them since.

Hearing no response, I decided to call the RNC and try to speak with someone directly.  After all, with all the talk about immigration and Hispanics, surely they’d want to hear from someone in Texas who was already working to gain the trust of the Hispanic community?

I asked to speak with whoever was in charge of Hispanic Outreach for the RNC.  The receptionist asked who I was, and which organization I was with, wanting to know the purpose of my call.  I said, “Well, I’m an Hispanic Republican Activist and Auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas, and thought it would be a good idea to be in contact with whoever is handling GOP Hispanic Outreach at the RNC.”

Who’s in charge of Hispanic Outreach?

With a short pause, she replied, “Kylie Smith.”   “I thought it was Bettina?” I responded.  “Who told you that? When did you hear that?” she replied.

So is Kylie Smith in charge of Hispanic Outreach?” I asked again.

“She’s in charge of voter turn-out,” said the receptionist.    “Well, I’m trying to get in touch with the RNC Hispanic Outreach person…would that be her?” She answered, “Kylie will be able to get you in contact with whoever that person is.

“OK…so you’re saying there’s no one there to talk to me about Hispanic Outreach?” I responded.

“If I can just get your contact information, I will give your message to Kylie, and she will get you in touch with the right person,” she ended.

I gave her my contact information, and reminded her that 2 weeks ago, I had also sent a message via the GOP website, and I had not heard back from anyone.   Not sure what’s going on at the RNC Headquarters, but it’s beginning to seem like Hispanic Outreach is not a priority.

Yet, as we Republicans continue to scratch our heads, some feel it’s best to follow the advice of  “Conservative” bloggers who suggest we not overreact to the immigration issue.  They call it compromising our values.  I wonder what those same “Conservatives” would have said to Ronald Reagan?  Would they have called him a spineless, immoral person who sold out to appease Hispanics?

Of course not.  He was a realist.  He understood the intangibles associated with resolving immigration, and wasn’t afraid to act.  He was secure in his faith in God and in his Christian philosophy of how to treat people of all walks of life.

 Is the Republican Party willing to commit to resolving illegal immigration?

We Conservative Hispanic Republicans want to know what the game plan is?  Why is it so difficult to get answers?  Are we afraid to get involved?  Will we continue to lose this battle with Democrats?  Do we think we’ll lose in our next Primary Election?  Will the ‘Establishment” run someone against a candidate who is in favor of resolving immigration?

It certainly seems like the lines are being drawn, and the silence from the RNC on this issue is deafening.  We Hispanic Republicans across the country would like to hear from the RNC.  We want to know we’re not working in vain.  Are we being laughed at by the “Establishment?”  Who has decided to not respond?

Too many questions, and the more time goes by without a proper response, the more we think there isn’t a concern about our issues.  Perception is reality, and right now, it’s not looking good.





Comments (3)

  1. You already know how I feel… Sorry they are still playing games w/ R orgs. Stay the course Duke, and be true to yourself. They are still wearing blinders not just on this issues but others in addition….ignoring accurate math, technology, boots-on-the-ground and on and on and on I can go. Same ol’ folks, same ol’ quasi-strategies = no forward movement and the party is stuck. What a shame.

  2. Don’t give up. The Texas GOP is behind you. They get it. You already talked about how you helped changed the Texas GOP’s platform on immigration. The national GOP are the ones abandoning us republicans! They’re no better than the democrats. Do you know Texas republicans are completely absent (or they were unless Boenher woke up) on committee seats? The Texas GOP is the reason he has a majority in the House!

    It’s the TX GOP that’s trying to reason on immigration and we’re being called liberals by the national GOP. Sen. Marco Rubio and Sen. Kay Baily Hutchison made a bill about immigration.

    Republicans are trying to oust these establishment elements that have turned their backs on the people. If we can’t change them at the national level then we’ll work on the state level. The Texas GOP gets it. They’re changing and working hard to listen to latinos. So don’t let the national RNC get you down. Let’s continue to fight for Texas hispanics.

    As for the establisbed GOP… They’re not real republicans. They’re politicians.

    And if you need any help with your stepping stones initiative, just let me know!

    • DukeMachado DukeMachado

      Thanks for the comment Megan. I understand that in Texas, the RPT is understanding the urgency. However, unless our cries are heard in Washington, we are merely playing games with ourselves and living in wonderland. To be clear, Sen. Hutchison’s plan falls extremely short of truly solving the issue, and no one knows any details of a Rubio plan.

      It is discouraging to know our concerns are not acknowledged.

      On the other hand, I’d be happy to discuss our Stepping Stones program with you, and thank you for your interest and support. Contact me anytime…I’ve just “friend” requested you on facebook.

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