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Why Hispanics should vote for Mitt Romney

President Obama. Photo courtesy tAFP PHOTO/MANDEL NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Never before, in the history of this great nation, has an Administration deported more undocumented residents as has the Obama Administration.  Despite the toothy smiles and the “bone” thrown to Hispanics in the Deferred Action program, President Obama has not resolved the issue, as he said he would.

Not only has he not done what he said he’d do, but he’s also done things he said he wouldn’t do.  His grand solution for healthcare, also known as Obama Care, was sold to the people as a something to help insure all Americans, but all he’s really done, is create a new Tax on all Americans.

You see, contrary to urban legend, President Obama is not providing free health care to all.  Because most people have never read the Affordable Health Care Act, Obama was able to sneak it through without ever letting the people know just how it would affect them.

The truth is, there is a cost associated with the health care, and oh, by the way, you no longer have the choice to not pay for health insurance.  To all of you who currently cannot afford health care, many of you will now be forced to choose a plan to cover your family and you’ll have to pay for it.  No excuses.  If you can’t pay your insurance bill, you will be taxed (fined).   If you don’t pay your fine, they (IRS) can put you in jail.  Sobering…isn’t it?

It baffles my mind to know the President knew all along there would be a fee for insurance, yet in order to get his new bill passed, he withheld that bit of information from the public.  He didn’t publish it on a website and allow us to review it, like he promised in 2008.  Instead, he rammed it down our throats, and here we are, four years later, still in the dark about what’s coming.

From his assaults on the Catholic church, forcing the church to violate its principles and beliefs in order to appease the President, to the way he handled the ordeal (many are calling it a cover-up) in Benghazi.  No matter how you cut it, the past four years have been a glaring example of how quickly this country can fall apart, especially when it is being destroyed from within.

I realize the majority of Hispanics are Democrats, and will vote for Obama.  Why, I will never understand.  But for those of you who don’t feel right about the actions of this president, break the mold and vote for Mitt Romney.  You have been fed propaganda from the liberal media, and you may have come to believe the Republican Party is a bunch of old racist White people who want to send all Hispanics back to Mexico.

If you believe that nonsense, then there’s no hope for you.  But if you are sane, with a clear mind, able to decipher for yourself right from wrong, then you know Obama is wrong for America.  You probably realize his entire Administration is bad for America.

It’s not too late.  November 6th is just a few days away, and you can make a difference.  Do your duty and vote, make sure this country does not continue to slide down the path of welfare and unemployment.  Make your vote count and ensure our future is a bright one…for all.  End the misery, Vote for Mitt Romney!


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