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Deferred Action Meeting : Building the Trust

Andrew Chavarrilla, Westhill Church of Christ in Corsicana
Bilingual Evangelist (Evangelista-Ministerio Hispano), leads meeting with prayer. · Corsicana, Texas

On October 20th, 2012, GOPisForMe and the Hispanic Republican Club of Navarro County, held a Deferred Action meeting, with guest Attorney, Garry Davis, of Dallas,TX.  Since President Obama’s order to allow certain undocumented residents the opportunity to apply for legal status has been slow to develop, we felt it was important to provide a venue to help those who had questions.

For months, undocumented students, who were brought to the United States by their parents, and could prove their residence in the U.S. for the past five years, stood in line for hours to file their application for the chance to become legal.

There was much confusion in the days after the announcement, and unfortunately, there are still many questions people have regarding the program.

Because of these questions, we decided to bring in one of our “Trusted Attorneys,” Garry Davis, to give an update and answer questions in a round-table environment.

We started the meeting with a prayer, led by Andrew Chavarrilla, who prayed in both English and Spanish.  The Pledges were led by Savanna Wicker, the 12 year old daughter of Rosa Vasquez Nava, Navarro County Hispanic Republican Club President.

Garry Davis began with an update of general information, and led right into Q & A with those in attendance.

The questions ranged from specific issues relating to filing, to general questions on whether or not it was a good idea to file and let the government know where they were.  Since this order is not law, as mentioned by Garry Davis, it can be immediately ended.  With all the names and locations of undocumented residents, many fear the government might just be trying to find out where everyone is, for a future “round-up.”

Meeting these people face to face, talking about their issues, was incredible.  Many were already working their way through the immigration system, but needed more information.  They needed a nudge, and coming to our event gave them the encouragement they needed to continue.

It was great to be there, listening to the concerns and being able to provide guidance.  Republicans showed not only that we care, but that we’re trying to help.  This video shows a brief example of what took place and how we created a dialogue and positioned the Republican Party in the right light.

Special thanks to all those who helped…  Rosa Vasquez Nava (HRCNC President), Raul Jimenez (Vice-Pres.), Monica Jimenez, Ralph Gonzalez, Frank Steed (SD22- Committeeman and Republican Chairman), Steve Jessup, and our new friend, Andrew Chavarrilla, of the Westhill Church of Christ.

To Garry Davis, You are the man!  We appreciate you and your staff for volunteering your time to share your knowledge with those who need it most.  We are grateful to have you in our network of Trusted Attorneys, and we look forward to more of these events in the future.

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