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With Republicans controlling Texas Legislature, Rep. Miriam Martínez is best hope for District 41

(D) Rep. Bobby Guerra, TX House District 41. (Photo courtesy of Rio Grande Guardian)

Press Release provided by Miriam Martinez

Democrat Bobby Guerra continues to mislead voters of House District 41 by claiming that his temporary appointment as state representative will give him more influence than other new lawmakers in the Texas House of Representatives, says Republican nominee Miriam Martínez.

“Although I am happy for Bobby and his family that he has the honor of the title of state representative, the facts remain that he has no legislative experience, no legislative platform, and no desire to debate me, in English and Spanish, on the great issues of the day,” said Martínez.  Guerra, a Sharyland resident, is facing Martínez of Edinburg in the November 6 general election for State Representative, House District 41. HD 41 includes southwest Edinburg, north, central, southeast and portions of west McAllen, Palmhurst, Sharyland, Alton, and portions of Mission and northwest Pharr.

Guerra was sworn into office in Austin on Tuesday, September 25, to finish out the term of former Rep. Veronica Gonzáles’, D-McAllen, who abandoned her constituents in June to take a $170,000-a-year job, over 12 other qualified applicants, with the University of Texas-Pan American.

Martínez disputed Guerra’s claim that his appointment to fill out Gonzáles’ term for the final few months of 2012 have any benefits for House District 41 constituents. “The Speaker of the House, who is Republican, decides who gets to serve on the most influential committees in the House of Representatives, and the House of Representatives will continue to be controlled by the Republican Party,” said Martínez. “Bobby Guerra is a Democrat, which means he won’t have any influence or powerful allies in the House of Representatives.

As a Republican, I would be much more successful on behalf of House District 41 because my party is in complete control. But Bobby Guerra doesn’t want voters to know that truth.

Martínez, a small business owner and renowned journalist in the South Texas/Mexico region, said that Guerra, an attorney, is also misleading voters on other major legislative issues.  “I oppose any increase in the state sales tax, I oppose expanding the state sales tax to any other goods and services, and I oppose creating a state personal income tax. Any such tax increases would hurt the poor, the middle class, and every type of legitimate business in Texas,” Martínez said.

“My opponent, Bobby Guerra, who is the handpicked choice of a secret group of Democratic politicians, won’t make that pledge,” she added. “Instead, he secretly promises his political bosses, some who make millions of dollars from big government, that he is willing to look at all options, and that means more money for them but higher taxes for the rest of us.”
Martínez also criticized Guerra for telling voters he is pro-life while supporting Planned Parenthood, which is the largest provider of unrestricted abortions in the nation. If elected, Martínez said she would continue fighting for more state money and policies for Medicaid, for public education, for transportation, for border security, and for the creation of
thousands of new jobs in House District 41.

Political Ad paid for by Miriam Martínez for State Representative, House District 41 • Miriam Martínez, Treasurer • 135 Paseo Del Prado Ave., Ste 16, Edinburg TX • Phone: 956/631-1515

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