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Miriam Martinez and Hispanic Republican Candidates Build Steam in South Texas

Miriam Martinez (left) visits with residents in Hidalgo County on immigration issues.

On my way home from a Board meeting with the Hispanic Republican Club of McLennan County in Waco,TX, I called Miriam Martinez to check in on her campaign for Texas House District 41, in Hidalgo County.

She was getting ready to meet some supporters, take some pictures, and shake some hands.  It was 9:36pm.

Before she gave us an update about her campaign, she mentioned something interesting about the TX-District 39 race, where Joel De Los Santos is running against (D) Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa.  “Juan-Chuy is in trouble…he has contradicted himself and is misrepresenting his position on Abortion, saying he is Pro-Life,” said Martinez, who continued, “He’s nervous and reaching for anything right now.”

As usual in South Texas these days, Hispanic Republican candidates are pulling together, sharing contacts, and helping each other when possible, as witnessed above.

The issues in South Texas are bigger than one candidate.  The stakes are much higher now for the Hispanic community, and people like Miriam Martinez are stepping out of the box and identifying themselves as Republicans, where family values, God and Liberty is still the driving force behind the Party.

Martinez says her campaign is gaining traction as her message begins to penetrate the community, where her daily block-walking is having a positive effect.  “What’s interesting is really how simple it is to connect with people on a Conservative message,” said Martinez.  She talked about meeting the voters and talking about the issues.  When she’s done talking with them, they say, “I know I’ve always voted Democrat, but I will be voting for you because I believe you have my values.”

From the Texas races to U.S. Congress, Hispanic Republican Candidates are gaining strength through unity, proving the Conservative Hispanic is the Democrat Party’s worst nightmare.  No amount of propaganda from the “left” can overcome the glaring truth, and as these candidates make contact over and over again with friends and family in South Texas, it’s just a matter of time before that part of the state is no longer held under the thumb of extremely Liberal officials who reign through intimidation and scare tactics.

Miriam Martinez, Joel De Los Santos, Rep. Raul Torres, Jessica Puente Bradshaw, Alex Torres, and all Hispanic Republican Candidates need your support.  Contact their campaigns, offer to volunteer, and help them win in November.  South Texas needs new representation, and this team of new blood would ignite a leadership shift and draw more Hispanics to the Republican Party.




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