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Tina Gibson, New Auxiliary Chairman for Republican Party of Texas

Tina Gibson, Auxiliary Chairwoman for Republican Party of Texas

The Republican Party of Texas recently named its new Auxiliary Committee Chairman, Tina Gibson, of Fort Bend County.

Already a State Republican Executive Committeewoman for Texas Senate District 17, Gibson will be replacing fellow SREC Committeewoman, Jane Burch.

In an interview with GOPisForMe, Gibson talked about her expectations regarding her new position, which she is passionate about.

As the Auxiliary Chair, Gibson will be the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) liaison to the Auxiliaries, which include Hispanic Republican Auxiliaries, Youth outreach and Women’s Auxiliaries among others who promote the Party.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Tina, and have had great discussions with her about outreach.  She is a committed Republican, whose husband, Mike, is also engaged in the Party, serving as the Ft. Bend County Chairman.

We caught up with Tina as she was getting ready to head to Austin for the SREC meeting beginning Friday.  I asked if she had a few moments to share her thoughts, and we visited about her new role and her expectations for the Party.

I began by asking what her biggest challenge was as the new Chairman of the Auxiliary Committee.  “Organizing the duplicitous Hispanic clubs and staying strong on rules for clubs who want to be auxiliaries,” she replied, adding that she wanted to also focus on  “keeping young republicans and high school republicans interested after the elections.”

For decades, the Democrats have had the market cornered on Hispanic Outreach, so we wanted to know her ideas on getting our Republican Auxiliaries working together, as well as knowing her overall goals for Auxiliaries.

“Some of the Hispanic clubs seem to be forgeting the reason for their organizations,” she said, stating that “grassroots neighborhood contact works the best.”  She mentioned wanting to combine efforts of organizations in their respective cities to host sunday afternoon play days at parks or at their churches.   Gibson emphasized, “The overall goal should be to change the mindset of at least the young Hispanics, and stop the brainwashing of the left.”

In closing, I asked her how she defined success regarding the auxiliaries, and what we could do to help her succeed.

“At our first SREC Auxiliaries and Coalitions  (A&C) meeting, we will be discussing hosting A&C sponsored events in counties and Senate Districts to help increase the presence of these organizations,” said Gibson.   She recognizes that our auxiliaries and coalitions are working hard in pockets around the state, but added that she would “like to see increased communication from each club to the SREC, so we can all know what is working and what is not working.”

Regarding how she defines success, she said this, “Success will be when the support of the SREC makes a difference for each auxiliary. Right now I think most clubs see us as police, micromanaging their organizations.”

I for one am extremely excited to have Tina Gibson at the helm of the auxiliaries.  She is bold, passionate and dedicated…three ingredients necessary for success.  I also know she will have support from her fellow SREC Committee members, like Janet Jackson, SREC Senate District 22, who have given much of their time and energy to establish successful organizations that promote the Republican Party.

One thing is certain, the Party is fortunate to have such a leader in position to take this committee to the next level.  Congratulations Tina!



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