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Stepping Stones : “It’s Working!”

Tony and Ana Abad (right) meet with family at Stepping Stones meeting.

For years, we Republicans have been asking the question, “How do we connect with the Hispanic community?”  We realize what’s coming with regard to the population explosion in Texas, and more of us are getting serious about developing an answer.

While the Politicos and experts are figuring out how to develop the new “base” of Hispanic voters, we at GOPisForMe, are doing it the old fashioned way…we’re earning it.  As I’ve mentioned before, “no one cares how much we know, until they know how much we care.”

We’ve tried the block-walking and the invites to political events and meetings, but we’re always perceived as “outsiders,” trying to “sell” something.  Whether it’s a vote or a dollar, we Republicans have been asking Hispanics for their support, but have failed to develop the trust first.

In Waco,TX, we’ve got it figured out, and it’s really quite simple.  It’s education, and information distribution.  Our Stepping Stones Education Initiative has taken root in Waco, and is turning into an incredible opportunity for us to get to know Hispanics in our area who are interested in advancing their children’s future.

As we all know, everyone wants their kids to succeed, and it’s no different in the Hispanic community.  In many cases, because many of the families we meet are new to this country, they appreciate our education system more, and want to capitalize on the opportunities this county offers its residents.

Earlier I said this was quite simple…and it is, but before anything can happen on a larger scale, we’re going to have to decide to engage in the process.  It takes a commitment, and unfortunately, many of us are just too busy to do anything “extra.”  We all have kids in school, in sports and are pulled in different directions.  It’s easy to say, “I just don’t have time to do anything else.”  It’s much harder to say, “I know we’re running into a major dilemma in Texas, and I’m willing to give of my time and effort to ensure Texas continues to be strong and Conservative.”

The Stepping Stones Education Initiative is working. We’re meeting incredible people, advancing the community.

The families we’re meeting tell us, “I thank God we met you.  You are incredible for giving your time to help us.  If it were not for you, we wouldn’t know what to do, or how to get into college.”

When was the last time you made a real difference in someone’s life?  When was the last time Republicans went into homes to do something good for the community…not just for a vote?

We need help.  This program is growing rapidly, and the potential to connect with a broad, Hispanic community is high.  All we need are the dedicated Republicans who have said, “We need to do more to draw Hispanics to the Republican Party.”  If those people decide to get involved, we’ll do it.

Ann Bradley, President of the McLennan County Republican Women’s CLub was at this meeting last night.  She walked into a full house, and sat quietly observing.  She’s been following our progress, and after last night she said, “You’re doing it.  It’s working!”  Yes…it is working, and we’re excited about the future.

We’re excited to be making a tangible difference in the lives of so many people, and the young students we’re meeting are the future.  I am honored to be involved with this program, and I appreciate all those who believed in us when others didn’t.  When the meetings are over, we feel overwhelmed; amazed at how much of a need there is, and at the willingness of complete strangers to meet with us.  We know there is a higher power pulling it together…and we welcome it.  The Spirit is with us.


Comments (3)

  1. This meeting last night was perfect.  Several families…lots of students.  Tony and Ana were awesome “counselors!”

  2. Craig LeTulle

    As Pres.Reagan said many times”A rising tide floats ALL boats”.

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