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Miriam Martinez talks about “The Secret Commitee” in South Texas Politics

Re-posted from Miriam Martinez’ Campaign website.  Miriam is a Republican Candidate running for office in House District 41, in South Texas.
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 Bobby Guerra plotted in secret “backroom deal”to deny voters a choice, says Miriam Martínez
Democrat Bobby Guerra plotted last summer in a secret “backroom deal” to deny voters a choice in the House District 41 state representative elections, says Miriam Martínez, the Republican candidate for the Hidalgo County legislative seat.
House District 41 includes most of McAllen, key portions of Edinburg, Pharr, and Mission, and all of Sharyland, Palmhurst, and Alton.

“Bobby Guerra last year hatched a secret scheme, involving a handful of local Democratic Party political bosses, to scare off other candidates from challenging him, from making him answer the tough questions, from making him earn the position,” said Martínez. “Voters always deserve a choice. No one should be anointed to such a powerful office, because that always leads to more political corruption.”

Martínez said Guerra has been hoping voters would forget about how he forced other Democratic candidates out of the campaign.

Guerra’s desire for secrecy regarding his political candidacy is not in the public interest, she contended.

“Bobby Guerra needs to come clean and let voters know what he promised to the Democratic Party power brokers, and who they were, and why they also wanted to get rid of all opponents,” Martínez said.“There should be no place for such secret deals in our democracy. It only makes people wonder what else Bobby Guerra is hiding, and who is controlling him.”

She said Guerra’s secret plans were first revealed by the local news media.
Last July, the Rio Grande Guardian reported that Guerra was involved in a “backroom deal” with local, unnamed Democratic Party powerbrokers to become the lone Democratic Party candidate for state representative.
Later that month, the Rio Grande Guardian revealed that the plan was “hatched” by Guerra and other Democratic Party officials.
Also last July, the Monitor confirmed that Guerra and other Democratic Party leaders had “met privately last week to decide to see if they could agree on a consensus candidate.”
Martínez, a small business owner and professional journalist, said if elected to the House of Representatives, she would favor legislation that makes the actions of state, regional, and local governments more transparent. She said she would be unveiling some of her own open government proposals later in her campaign.
Political Ad paid for by Miriam Martínez for State Representative, House District 41 • Miriam Martínez, Treasurer • 135 Paseo Del Prado Ave., Ste 16, Edinburg TX


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  1. Dr. Pena

    I completely agree that transparency is a necessary element in any political election, yet I have serious doubts that Miriam Martinez is the most qualified person to be our voice in congress. She lacks the experience an qualifications for the job. Her self proclaimed “popularity” in the valley and particularly among Spanish speaking individuals hardly makes her an ideal candidate.

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