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Rick Perry : Vote for Dewhurst, Smitherman and Medina on Tuesday

Tomorrow is a very important day – runoff election day. A lot of the pundits said voters would be too busy with summer trips to turn out to vote in large numbers. Of course, they said the same thing about a May primary election the day after Memorial Day.

So I ask you to prove them wrong, and do your duty by voting in tomorrow’s runoff election. There are very important statewide contests on the ballot, in addition to a number of runoffs for local office and the state legislature.

I want to mention three candidates I strongly support for statewide office – David Dewhurst, Barry Smitherman and David Medina.

Texas is better off for the service of David Dewhurst as lieutenant governor. For the last decade David has been by my side every step of the way as we made hard choices to cut spending instead of raising taxes to balance the budget. He has helped make Texas the number one job creator, and has the right economic vision for our country, starting with the repeal of ObamaCare. I ask you to support David Dewhurst for Senate in tomorrow’s runoff.

I am also a big fan of Barry Smitherman, whom I appointed to the Railroad Commission last year. Barry was an outstanding Public Utility Commissioner for several years, and has taken his free market approach to the Texas Railroad Commission, where he has sought to develop Texas’ vast energy potential to crate jobs and make our country less dependent on hostile foreign oil. Please vote Barry Smitherman for Railroad Commissioner.

Lastly, I ask you to cast your ballot for my friend, Supreme Court Justice David Medina. David Medina is a strict constructionist who applies the law instead of re-writing it. He is a very capable jurist who upholds our Constitution. Please vote for Justice Medina.

It is so important that we demonstrate strong enthusiasm with record turnout for our primary runoff tomorrow. Let’s send a message that Texas Republicans are ready to end the Obama “Reign of Error” by taking our vision of change to the ballot box. Go Vote Texas!


Governor Rick Perry

Rick Perry

“I strongly support David Dewhurst, Barry Smitherman and David Medina. Vote Tuesday!” – @GovernorPerry #txsen #txcot #txgop

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