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George Rodriguez : “Businesses succeed in spite of government, not because of it.”

Press Release from South Texas Political Alliance
Contact: George Rodriguez, President, 210-367-2058

President Obama has shown us in a definitive manner how he views private enterprise and government on his recent statement. He said “if you were successful (private businesses), somebody (government) along the line gave you some help.”   To understand this statement, simply substitute “somebody” helped with the word “taxpayers.” In other words, the business owners who “owe” their success to investments by government are the ones who paid for those investments. 

However, Obama and liberals forget, don’t understand, or ignore the fact that “government money” doesn’t exist. All the money spent to build roads and bridges or to invent the Internet was first taxed from citizens, mostly from the businesses which Obama claims owe the government for their success.
The fact is the reverse…government owes its “investments” to those businesses, and those successful businesses are the product of individual hard work and achievement. The government actually owes private businesses a thank you, not the other way around.
Of course, please don’t forget huge amount of obstacles placed in the way of business owners by government through thousands of laws, regulations and taxes. Businesses succeed in spite of government, not because of it.
Obama doesn’t get it, and this statement proves it.

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