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Don’t Fall in the Trap!

As tough as the economy is, and as easy as it is to receive “free money” from the government, many are falling into the trap of relying on Uncle Sam for help.

Choosing to give in and accept the “assistance,”  more and more Americans have succumbed to the tactics of  the Obama Administration.

I was taught there are two types of people in this world; givers and takers.  Givers are the ones who volunteer, help others and don’t ask for anything in return.  They work, support their families and pay their bills.

Takers sit around and wait for the opportunity to take from someone else.  They are the ones who milk the system, cheat, and never give back.

So, when I first heard the commercial promoting food stamp cards, I was furious.  Seriously?  Are we promoting the “Taker” mentality?  Then I couldn’t help but notice the distinct dialect of the actresses used to produce the commercial.  It sounded like two Black women talking to each other, one trying to convince the other to sign up for food assistance.  I couldn’t believe the audacity to use Black women to target more Black women and convince them to become Takers.

Where are the Black activists screaming in opposition of the use of stereotypical Black female voices to destroy the Black Community?  It seems like the Obama Administration’s target is Black people, at least in this commercial, which made me think of the woman who said she was voting for Obama because she wanted that “Obama money.”  Unbelievable…

Not wanting to immediately overreact, I took it a step further and found the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) website, which included several audio clips targeting different demographics.  I noticed the dates on the first releases of the audio, and found they began running on December 9th, 2008…still during the final days of the Bush Presidency.

I know the U.S. Government has been promoting their services for decades, ensuring the general public is aware of the benefits, in case they’re ever needed, but what’s happening now is different.  Today, the commercials are scripted in a way that leads people into a trap.  It sounds innocent enough…to get healthy by eating right, but in reality, it is a chess move.

Again, I want to clarify what I’m saying doesn’t apply to those who truly need the assistance.  But to those who decide to take it instead of getting a job and working for it, have just given up their freedom.  They put themselves in “check,” and are now subjects of the government.  In time, they’ll get used to the extra money and it will become a part of life.  Their children will also be taught the system, creating a scenario of generational poverty, like we see in government housing all across the country.

What we need to understand is this is not an accident.  To become dependent on the government for survival is one of the many steps required to slowly take over the Republic.  Along with destroying the value of religion and corrupting the family, becoming dependent on the government is crucial in the formula for Socialism.

Is that what we want?  No…I think most people who take, for no reason, do it without the understanding of their actions.  They have been taught to believe it’s “free money, ” and if the government is giving it away, they’re going to get “theirs.”  What a shame, to be of the mindset to believe taking is acceptable.

In the end, “Takers” are killing us slowly.  One food-stamp recipient at a time.  If you know someone of able-body and mind, not working, taking food stamps and draining our system, tell them to quit being a “Taker.”  Tell them to get up and go to work… we don’t need to be taking care of people who should be taking care of themselves.

(Play commercial below)

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