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From the office of

Rep. Charles “Doc” Anderson



This week was a pivotal one in Texas’s pursuit of space development and the educational and technological advances which come with it.  When the FAA was seeking comment from state and local officials in the Brownsville area as to a proposed launch site for commercial space vehicles, city leaders from McGregor and myself made the trip to relate our experiences with SpaceX–which has a vital rocket testing facility and thriving presence in McLennan County.

With the primary launch sites in North America being controlled by the military, SpaceX is looking to develop an easier access, civilian-controlled facility which can accommodate as many as a dozen launches per year for SpaceX’s contracted delivery of payload and materials to the International Space Station.  The company has secured enough property in the Boca Chica area near Brownsville to create such a facility.

This project has the potential to expand the SpaceX operation in McGregor with the addition of new high-paying jobs in the technical sector.  These jobs typically pay up to 30% above the average wage in the county. While we are excited about the chance for SpaceX’s operations and presence to expand in Central Texas due to the addition of a South Texas facility, the potential effects of developing a “launch community” could dramatically and positively change what that region is for generations to come.

Employment growth, both direct and indirect, would benefit McGregor, and add many more jobs between South and Central Texas.  The demand for highly-paid, skilled technical labor will positively impact educational institutions in Central Texas.  Many of these educational institutions work hand in hand with the aeronautics sector.

It is my hope that, one day, we will look upon our trip to South Texas as a critical defining moment for the development and continuation of the aerospace industry in Texas.

God Bless Texas!

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