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Frank Kuchar Challenging 28Yr. Republican Incumbent, Joe Barton – CD6

US Congressional candidate, district 6, Frank Kuchar, visited with us after our immigration forum in Corsicana. After everyone left, we pulled up two chairs, sat down, and talked about his race. Running against 28 year Republican incumbent, Joe Barton, Kuchar understands he’s running against a giant. It’s the typical challenge, the unfunded Constitutionalist versus the well-funded “Establishment” incumbent.

Are ideas strong enough to unseat a veteran U.S. Congressman? Are the constituents in Congressional District 6 happy with their current representative? Lots of people are deciding to get involved in politics because they feel things are spinning out of control. They’ve been busy working and supporting their families, living under the assumption that our government is under control. No longer able to sit on the sidelines and watch the country go down the tubes, they decide to stand up and fight.

They decide to run for office, to represent the common man, and carry the torch for the defense of our Constitution. Some have become successful in business, and others are employed at those businesses. But, as our Constitution allows, and as our Founding Fathers intended, any person, of certain qualifications, (Age, Citizenship) could be elected to represent the constituents.

And that is exactly what Frank Kuchar is doing. He’s exercising his right to run for office and represent the people. Will he stand a chance against the mountain of fundraising and political connections attributed to Barton’s 28 years in office? Or are the people searching for an option?

May 14th is just around the corner, and early voting will tell the tale. We’ll soon find out whether a passionate conservative candidate, a self-proclaimed constitutionalist, resonates with the voters. Or we’ll discover that the district wants to keep things as they are.

We enjoyed our visit with Frank, and were happy to capture his thoughts and ideas for what the district needs. For more information, or to get involved in his campaign, please visit his website :

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