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Lawson Challenges 20 Yr. Democrat, Royce West for Texas Senate Seat

I first met John Lawson in Oak Cliff. We were at a Game Chaingers meeting, both looking to get our message out to the Conservative Black community. I was invited to speak to their group about our Stepping Stones education initiative and discuss the things that have been working for our group in the Hispanic community.

After I was finished, they allowed all candidates a few minutes to introduce themselves and speak to the audience. When John Lawson stepped to front of the room, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Instantly, his powerful voice filled the room, and his passion was immediately evident. Running against an entrenched Democrat, Royce West, Lawson is going up against a veteran politician with two decades worth of fundraising experience.

But is it all about the money? Are the residents of Texas Senate District 23 satisfied with the way things are going? According to John Lawson, the community is suffering. He wants to make a difference and put an end to the twenty years of Democratic control of the Black community in Dallas.

As I left the meeting, my first thought was, “This guy needs to be heard.” I invited him to our studio office in Clifton for an interview and discussion on the issues in District 23. The following videos are from our first sit down. We covered lots of topics and addressed things most people, especially those seeking office, dare not discuss.

Lawson makes no attempt to hide his faith. He is driven by a higher power, and is not afraid to speak up and warn the people of the danger ahead if things continue down the same path. In these videos, Lawson goes into the details of how the Black community has been deceived by Royce West, and explains why they face constant economic challenges.

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