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Immigration Plank Resolution for RPT Platform

With County Conventions beginning, many of us in the Hispanic Republican movement, felt it would be appropriate to present a Resolution regarding our Immigration planks in the Republican Party of Texas Platform. First, I want to pay the respect to all those who have committed their lives to this Party and to those who have crafted our Party’s platform. I can only imagine the work and effort that has gone into its development. So, it is with much respect, that I bring up the issues of Immigration and the way our opponents (Democrats) use our Platform against us.

As we have learned from meeting people across the state, there is one obstacle that we face everywhere we go. Many of the people we meet have told us that they have been told not to trust us. They say we’re not for immigrants, and that we don’t care about them. These stereotypes have existed for years, but because we haven’t successfully overcome them in a way that they accept, they have become a “reality” to them. Now, Democrats tell those “on the fence,” who are considering making the switch, “Just look at their platform, and you’ll see what they think of immigrants.”

They’re picking up on the “tone” of our verbiage, and using it as “proof” that we don’t care about Hispanics. I realize it’s just their Democratic, Liberal propaganda, but it does bring light to the issue. After reviewing our platform, on page 27 of the RPT Platform, I, along with several Hispanic Republican activists and Party activists feel it could be written in a way that keeps the intent of the plank, while removing the excess, overly-descriptive content that is being used against us.

A .PDF document has been attached to this email that compares the revision in a side-by-saide comparison with the original. If after reading the revision, you feel it is worthy to pass on to your networks and submit at our County Conventions, then you will be doing the greatest service toward truly opening the doors to those Conservative Hispanics we say we want to reach. It will set a new “tone” of openness, and in my opinion, we will see an increase in participation.

It may not seem like much of a change, but it symbolizes a new era.

Please Print the document below and take to your County Convention to submit for Resolution Committee. From there, it will go to the State Convention, where we will work to get it passed. Thank you for your assistance.

Republican Party of Texas, Immigration Resolution Comparison

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