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Dr. Nika Davis, “Waco I.S.D. Needs a Paradigm Shift”

Waco I.S.D. has been under incredible scrutiny lately. With recent school closings due to budget shortfalls and underperforming students in eight schools within the district, many are wondering what it will take to get Waco back on track.

The perception of the community is that the public school system is in shambles, and not up to the challenge of properly educating our children. For this reason, many who live in the district have taken their children out of the public system and put them in private or charter schools.

From safety issues like increased gang activity, to the dismal test results from these underperforming schools, parents have reason to be leery of sending their children to Waco I.S.D. schools. When we look for answers, most people immediately blame the teachers. While they certainly have something to do with it, they are not the leadership of the district. They only teach as they are instructed, and have incredible restrictions on what they can do.

The brunt of the responsibility lies on the shoulders of the school board. The Trustees, who fight to be elected, have obviously allowed the district to slide in the wrong direction. The board is responsible for funding programs and paying teachers. It is responsible for every detail within the district, and the buck stops there. No matter what the excuse is, the reality is, Waco I.S.D. is comprised of almost 80% minorities, many of which fall within the high risk areas designated by the sate, such as economically challenged families.

It is going to take a massive paradigm shift in Waco to counter the negative perception the public has, and Dr. Nika Davis, Candidate for School Board Trustee “At Large”, is a man with a vision for Waco I.S.D. He is a Waco native, and has deep roots in McLennan County. He is an accomplished educator, and if elected, would be the only member on the board with education experience.

We interviewed him last week and have completed a series of videos that go into the details of his P3 platform issues. Performance, Perception and Partnerships, according to Davis, are the key to changing the course of Waco I.S.D. Please share…

Dr. Nika Davis, Candidate Waco I.S.D. School Board : Managing Taxpayer Money

The “P3” Platform

Dr. Nika Davis, Candidate Waco I.S.D. School Board : “Performance”

Dr. Nika Davis, Candidate Waco I.S.D. School Board : “Perception”

Dr. Nika Davis, Candidate Waco I.S.D. School Board : “Partnerships”

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