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Parnell McNamara Addresses Rumors, Answers Questions

McLennan County Sheriff, Parnell McNamara

McLennan County Sheriff, Parnell McNamara

On the 22nd of February, we received an anonymous letter.  It was professionally written, with excerpts of legal code and proper formatting.  It was also filled with questions regarding Parnell McNamara.  This person wanted me to know a few things about McNamara, (as if they weren’t sure,) but that I might verify during the “Debate Night” event on March 7th.

There were three questions from the anonymous voter.  One, whether Parnell McNamara was an official U.S. Deputy Marshal or “intermittent” status?  It was suggesting that McNamara was not a legitimate U.S. Deputy Marshal, as he has been claiming.  Serious allegation.  He did, however, include a story about Chet Edwards?  Strange how people are tied.

Second, they questioned whether MCNamara was capable of handling the duties of the Sheriff of McLennan County.  They went on to say that  McNamara had not been a Certified Peace Officer, and may not be able to patrol the county, or participate in the selling of property, among other things.

Third, they suggested that, because McNamara was not  a Certified Peace Officer, he was at a disadvantage to immediately serve as acting Sheriff.  They continued by saying that the training required would take him away from his duties.

Based on the content of the letter, I decided to contact McNamara myself and just ask him.  This is the video of my interview with him.  Just following up and verifying.  You decide.    (Don’t forget DEBATE NIGHT – MARCH 7th)

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