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Depending on your background and what you have achieved to date, the future can mean many things.  To the struggling family, unable to keep up, the future is a nightmare.  And to those with means, who have achieved financial success, the future is filled with opportunities.

It doesn’t matter which category you’re in, how we handle the next eight years will define our country for the next one hundred years.

A few years ago, many of us knew nothing of Hispanic population trends and how we Hispanics will become the Majority in Texas by 2020.  But today, our Presidential debates begin with questions on immigration and border security, two issues at the core of the Hispanic community.  At a time when we (Republicans) are just beginning to realize the importance of harnessing the potential of the Hispanic community, the Democrat Party is hiring PAID staff to open “Promesa” offices on college campuses across the state of Texas.

Promesa…Promise in English.  What promises are they making?  Who knows, but while our Party sits and waits, leaving it to grassroots organizations to figure things out themselves, opportunity is slipping away.  How will we be able to compete?  Our message?  If it was just about the message, Hispanics would have already become Republicans, but it’s not.

Democrats have been working in Hispanic communities for decades, helping the underprivileged survive by connecting them to the proper agency to assist them.  They are in the churches, at the soccer games and in the Hispanic Chambers.  They work closely with LULAC, who has always been perceived as loyal to the Democrat Party.  Of course, now, they dominate the Hispanic communities and the people are being conditioned to “take.”  “You deserve that money,” they say.  I’ve heard others say, “Well, if the Government is going to give the money away, then it’s not wrong.”  Dependency is more powerful than fear.  Eventually, people vote to keep their benefits, and the Candidate that tells them what they want to hear, gets elected.

I was talking with a fellow Republican yesterday about what it would take to get the Hispanic Community to recognize they held the same values as our Party.  I replied, “Before you start thinking of ways to bring Hispanics to the Party, you have to make sure it’s safe for them to jump.  Why would we want to send Hispanics to our local Republican Party office, when we know from personal experience how they will be received?  Until we have a Party that stands at the door with open arms, Hispanics will not leave the Democrat Party.”

Loyalty is a powerful characteristic, and Hispanics take pride in loyalty.

Personally, I know there are many Republican Leaders who understand what’s at stake.  I know there are good people in the Party who want to see the Party take on a new approach.  We need a grand vision, a game plan that utilizes the willingness and ability of millions of Hispanics across the country working on common issues, united.

What if the Republican Party had an eight year plan…the time it will take for Hispanics to become the Majority in Texas.  We could organize our members, use Party tools like Voter vault, contact Hispanic Republicans and take the Party to the community.  What if we helped students graduate and find their way to college or technical school.  We could help them get those high-paying jobs that we say are coming. They will become our newest contributors to society, buying homes, cars, and raising children to be patriots.

It’s prosperity.  Everyone wants it, but not everyone knows how to get it.  If our Party focused on proactive efforts to make a long-term real impact, the people would see action over rhetoric, which would diminish the negative image Democrats have been projecting for years. It’s a two-way street.  Yes, Hispanics must be willing to become involved, but the “Establishment” must be willing to embrace them when they come.

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