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No Need to Fear Hispanic Republicans

How can I say this without coming across the wrong way?  The fact that so many Republicans on the “far right” totally misunderstand the Hispanic Republican movement is obvious.  In my own county, the Republican Chairman of McLennan County is not speaking to me.  They get jittery and funny when I attend a meeting.  They seem uneasy around me.

Is it because they think I’m there to “infiltrate?”  Or do they just think I don’t belong in their club?  Truth is, I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter.  I attend their meetings as a reminder of what is inevitably coming.  Whether you accept the looming Hispanic population surge or not, it is coming.

I wonder what those on the “Far Right” would say if God told them they needed to embrace all Republicans.  Would they deny the word of God?  What if Noah had the attitude of many on the Far Right?  “You can get on the boat, but I’m not sure about you…why don’t you just stay outside, and when it starts to rain, we’ll think about letting you on the ship…if there’s room.”  Would the “establishment” say, “Well Lord, I really don’t think it’s a good idea to embrace everyone.”   That’s basically what’s happening right now.  We have been given a gift of insight into the future of Texas.  We have time to gain traction and develop real solutions for the Hispanic community so that the future is bright…not feared.

But in the Far Right corners of the of the Republican Party, there’s fear.  If you are one of those who are “uneasy” with the Hispanic surge, I ask that you shift your fear into action.  We are not here to take over and radically change the party into something unrecognizable.  We are not here to gain control and power for the sake of power. Unlike many of you might think, it is NOT our goal to grant amnesty and increase welfare as soon as we gain strength in numbers.  We do not want to hold the Party “hostage.”

What we do want is to end the “good ‘ol boy” network.  The one that assumes certain people have certain privileges.  We want equal representation, which we do not have at this point in the Party.  I want to assure you that we understand the reason we do not have a reflective representation is solely our responsibility.

I don’t blame you or others for our decades of Hispanic inaction.  On the other hand, if you have been impeding the growth and integration of Hispanics within the Republican Party, then you will be called out.  You are part of the problem.  Quite possibly, you are the one who feels we’re going to “take over” and destroy everything you’ve worked so hard to build.  If you feel this way, I ask that you rethink your position.  Maybe you’ve had a bad experience?  Whatever the reason, I can assure you, Conservative Hispanics love what the Party stands for, and the last thing we want is to destroy the essence of our Party.

And it is OUR Party.  We don’t have to ask for permission to participate.  We don’t have to ask for approval.  All we need is to be welcomed when we do come.  But too many times, as in my own county, we are shunned.  We are openly degraded and slandered.  Why?   To scare others into your way of thinking?  How sad.

The reality is Hispanics will be on the front lines of the battle for Texas.  Have you been to the border lately?  I have.  What I saw would blow your mind.  The corruption, illegal immigration and violence is just a few miles down the road.  Will you make a stand and take on aggressive Hispanic Democrats who call you out for Racism, simply because you want to secure the border?  You will be…trust me.  Texas Democrats know the tally.  They know Republicans in Texas are primarily White.  Imagine a White male coming on strong to stop illegal immigrants from crossing the border.  The second that happened, they would be faced with a dozen Liberal groups attacking their position…saying White Republicans are heartless and want children to die.  It will be the ultimate “race card.”

But if a Hispanic Republican were to say that we need to close the border and stop illegal immigrants from entering the U.S., what could they call us?  Racists?  I don’t think so.  It’s their worst scenario…aggressive Hispanic Republican Activists with humble beginnings,  hardened by the streets.  And for the record, we’re willing to engage that issue.

You see, it’s like building an army.  You have the infantry, support, logistics, communications, air, sea, and command.  It takes everyone working in unison…focused on their field of expertise.  I see Hispanics playing a role in addressing serious issues we all face.  We want to play a part in defining what our future will be.  We don’t want to continue the trends of high school drop-outs and teen pregnancies.  We want an educated population, striving to achieve success through Capitalism.  We encourage the defense of our Constitution and support those who also stand with us.

It’s time to embrace the Hispanic Conservative community.  Lord knows the Democrats are doing all they can to get us off course.  We don’t need to help fuel their fire by appearing to be negligent to the reality on the ground in Texas.

I am hopeful that the Republican Party can grow like it never has before, and that we can unite in common causes to rebuke the efforts of corrupt Liberals in Washington.  I would like to think that the preservation of our way of life is enough to let some on the “far right” see things in a different light.  Time will tell, but actions will prove whether this is possible or not.


Comments (7)

  1. Rowland Jackson

    Very good message Duke and very true. Some people just naturally think they are better than others. Time to move them aside.

  2. Carol Doucet

    Great article, Duke…..loved your message and it’s right on.

  3. Ben Zeller


    I am in perfect agreement with you on this, but I’m not sure that “far right” is the best description for those within our party having the negative sentiments you’ve described here. I consider myself a member of the “far right”, i.e. a social and fiscal Conservative who advocates the Conservative position without apology or reservation. I would also regard any Hispanic who believes in the tenets of Conservatism as “far right” as well – a high compliment, in my opinion. How is it that those who inhibit our party’s growth due to fear and bias are defaulted to a place on the “far right” of the political spectrum? It seems that such a statement would only support the left’s false premise the Republicans are “just a bunch of racists”. A different term may be more fitting.

    Thanks for your work Duke,

    Ben Zeller

    • Someone else mentioned the “Far Right” description as not being accurate. This was my response: “Unfortunately for the solid conservatives in the far right…like you Oneta, the “elitists” and “establishment” types like to claim they are also far right. You all get lumped in together. When the Far Right cleanses itself from those RINO’s you mention, the Party will move forward. You have been a supporter from the beginning, and it’s people like you who encourage me to believe that it is possible for the “cleansing” to happen.

  4. Ralph Patterson for McLennan County Republican Party Chairman

    Thanks for the perspective and insight. I agree it is time for serious people to engage in serious discussions. I look forward to working with you on moving the Party forward. “All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing”.

    • Ralph, your decision to run for County Chairman is one that may have the most impact. The Party Leadership in McLennan County does not have the vision for total inclusion. They want to live in a fortified city and hope nothing happens. Eventually, the walls are breached and the “castle” is taken. I think the good people of McLennan County are FED UP with the few who control things. Joe Bob Hinton surely knows his days are numbered. By judging the reaction at the Women’s club meeting, you are generating quite a following. Keep up the Pace! You would make a GREAT Chairman, and the District would be much better off.

  5. Here’s a comment from Facebook I feel should be posted here:

    Oneta Leutwyler : Duke I am about as far right as anyone and think that it’s not the far right republicans nor tea party. It is the “good ole boys” establishment that wants to keep control of ALL of us. They aren’t conservatives nor true republicans they are self serving RHINOS.
    They don’t uphold the conservative Republican platform. Together we can break their stranglehold on our party. Keep up the great job you are doing.

    Duke Machado: Unfortunately for the solid conservatives in the far right…like you Oneta, the “elitists” and “establishment” types like to claim they are also far right. You all get lumped in together. When the Far Right cleanses itself from those RINO’s you mention, the Party will move forward. You have been a supporter from the beginning, and it’s people like you who encourage me to believe that it is possible for the “cleansing” to happen.

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