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Spotlight : Texas Rio Grande Valley, Today’s New Ground Zero

This weekend, we went to the border. Our mission was to get an idea of the situation on the ground. What we learned was mind blowing, and enlightening.

We are in trouble.

The team:

Tony Abad, GOPisForMe Board member and dedicated Republican from Waco.  We stopped in Austin and picked up new “recruit,” Reagan Peterson…an Independent Video Producer and volunteer for the “cause.”

Tony’s from Phar, so we had someone from the area with us…just in case.

We met Rebecca Cervera, an Activist and business owner from McAllen, whose U.S. Customs / Import/Export business sits on the entry port to the third largest entry port along the border.

She gave us exclusive access to the area…guiding us through different parts of the county, exposing the corruption and shining light on a dark issue in Texas. We were amazed at what we witnessed, and came away with a renewed perspective of what we’re really facing. Whether we think about the border or not, it s there. We can act like nothing’s happening, like they want you to, or we can light a fire in Americans to force action from our elected officials.

Enough’s enough.

The videos will be ready soon, and when you see just how bad things are, and how corrupt the region is, our feeling is, you will be upset. Upset that your hard earned dollars that you sacrifice as a tax payment to the government, is being used the way they use it in the Valley. From the Birthing centers, to the new Government housing facilities, you will no longer be able to sit and do nothing.

Stay tuned.

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