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Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez, Democrat Hopeful – Backs Out

In a blog I wrote several months ago (Facing-Off with General Sanchez), I discussed the potential run from Democrat hopeful, Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez. He was positioned by the Democrat establishment to be the ultimate candidate for U.S. Senate. The media did its thing, and before you know it, he was the talk of the town.

The questions began to float, “How would Republicans counter the potential Hispanic loyalty vote?” Being a decorated General and having proven leadership in the military, combined with his obvious Hispanic heritage, made the General a formidable opponent…on paper.

But we know now that he must not have had the conviction to represent the people of Texas. Or maybe, he was more committed to spending time with his family…and enjoy retirement?

A week ago, recently converted Republican Texas House Representative Aaron Pena, decided he would not seek re-election. Immediately, the Texas Democratic machine went into propaganda mode. They posted an article titled, “The Hispanic Republican Caucus: Latino Voters Unwinnable,” by Anthony Gutierrez, Deputy Executive Director of the Texas Democratic Party. In this article, they try to position Pena, since he’s the Chairman of the Hispanic Republican Caucus, as the leader of the Hispanic Republican movement in Texas.

As stated in News Taco, “both the Chairman and the Vice Chairman of the HRC have chosen not to seek re-election after being drawn into districts that are overwhelmingly Hispanic.”

They end by saying, “— the guy Republicans put in charge of Hispanic outreach, when faced with a heavily Hispanic district, opted to quit saying the district was “unwinnable by me or any Republican candidate”. In evaluating the success of the HRC in making the Republican Party palatable to Hispanics — “unwinnable by any Republican candidate” tells you all you need to know.”

They’re trying to drown the hopes of Hispanics in the Republican Party by associating Pena’s drop-out with the drop-out of the movement. But by their own logic, the Texas Democrat Hispanic movement must also be dead because Sanchez backed-out for U.S. Senate.  Is that true?  Of course not.

We’ll never know how that “battle” would have turned out, but we Republicans must realize the time is coming.  How will we be able to respond to a state-wide effort to elect a Hispanic Democrat to office?  Knowing what we know about Texas Democrats, they’re willing to do and say just about anything to win.  Is that what will unite Hispanics?  A bunch of hard-left rhetoric promising Amnesty and opportunity for ALL?  I hope not.

I hope Hispanic Democrats have more than rhetoric.  I hope they are truly concerned with addressing issues.  I hope they’re willing to unify on common ground without degrading their opposition.  I hope they are loyal to America first…and their country of origin second.

I do have hope, and it wasn’t granted by President Obama.  I am fortunate to have been born in this country to parents born in this country.  My grandparents and great grandparents were born here.  There was a time when Hispanic were united, and in my opinion, we’re uniting again.  Some of us anyway…




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