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Hispanic Republicans Unite in Hillsboro

Here’s a sample of the data we collected at this Saturday’s Texas Hispanic Republican Summit in Hillsboro,TX.  It was attended by concerned Hispanic and non-Hispanic Republican Activists, organizational leaders and citizens.

The first session included a Dialogue-building excercise, where each person was able to input data on response devices (e-Learning), providing instant results, graphs and statistics.

We loaded the results on the projector screen and began discussion.

In this example, “I support a documentation plan for illegal immigrants.”  80% either agree or disagree they would support a documentation plan.  One person asked if we could be more specific so there was more context.

I replied…”Like David Dewhurst has mentioned before, a plan that allowed an illegal immigrant to provide double thumb prints, photo id, birth cirtificate, background check and verification of employment and residence.  If they qualify, they get a temporary visa…not citizenship.”  With the context set, 80% are in favor of a documentation plan.

It was great to watch people talking.  They were discussing different things…getting to know each other, like getting to know the people they would be spending lots of time with in the future.  I can say this; the problems are greater than anyone can imagine.  It’s our fault we haven’t clarified our message and directed it in a focused approach to solving problems.  This Saturday we came together in unity.  Our message is getting clearer, and our purpose is defining itself.

The video we captured of the discussions along with our Guest Speakers : Dr. Dave McIntyre, Dr. Edwin Flores, Justice Felipe Reyna (Ret.), and Ivan Andarza will be edited and posted soon.

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