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DeCluitt Supporter Unable to Answer Simple Question

Last week, in the Waco Tribune Herald (Trib), a so-called Power Broker and Republican leader announced his challenge to the Texas House of Representatives seat currently occupied by Waco’s Charles “Doc” Anderson, (R-District 56).

According to the Trib, former Anderson assistant, Kurt Krakowian, switched his support to Chris DeCluitt, whom he said would be  “more effective” than his previous boss.

In an email conversation with Krakowian yesterday, I asked him a simple question.

“Can you give me one example of how Chris DeCluitt would be more effective than Doc Anderson?”

He responded, “…As far as my supporting DeCluitt over Doc Anderson is for personal reasons…So all I can say is I can not support Doc Anderson for this upcoming election. What I can say is this past Legislative session Doc Anderson had a chance to be a strong leader for our area since he is the “Senior local Rep”, for us now and I did not see that happen.  If you want to ever talk about anything other than the Doc Anderson/Decluitt race email me.”

Based on his non-response to the actual question, which was to explain his comment about DeCluitt being “more effective,” I asked again.

“I”m concerned with your comment on how you think Chris DeCluitt would make a better Representative than Doc.  I think you said he would be more “effective” than Doc. ”

He replied, “Let me ask you a question. What has Doc Anderson done for us here in the district in the 8 years being in office?  Name a major bill Doc Anderson was an a Author of that was positive for us here in Central Texas? I am not running for office so I do not have to explain why I am supporting some candidate over another.

Now with you as a part of the GOP-Rep Party of Texas you need to stay neutral during a primary otherwise the state party will get involved and will be asked to have your charter removed from the RPT.”


The RPT will have our State Charter removed because I’m asking a simple question?

For the record, this is the second statement made in one day regarding our position as a GOP Auxiliary…the first was made on facebook by Dan MacLemore, who posted, “Shouldn’t the head of a GOP affiliate stay out of primaries?”

Seems like DeCluitt supporters want us to stay out of this one.  Not a chance…especially with so much at stake.  They may try to silence us and keep the voters in the dark, but we’re not intimidated.  We’re not going to remain silent.

Comments (3)

  1. Dan MacLemore

    Do not misconstrue what I wrote. My statement was not about the organization’s status as an affiliate, which I think is a good thing. I simply think affiliate leaders, as opposed to members, need to remain neutral. I would encourage all members to be active and involved. That is a good thing. I think my comments yesterday are consistent with that position.

    You quoted me accurately, but I do not want to be portrayed as having some problem with the organization.

  2. Dan MacLemore

    Thank you for your kind words on Facebook. I understand where you are coming from; I just want others to know that I value what the organization brings to the table.

  3. With all due respect to you, Mr. MacLemore, just answer the VERY simple question Mr. Machado has asked and quit fiddle-farting around. I have not seen anything where Mr. Machado or the McLennan County Hispanic Republican Club has endorsed any candidate. By the way, now that I am on the subject, there will be MANY more questions we will have for YOUR candidate, Chris DeCluitt. Thanks, Felipe Reyna

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