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Republican messaging penetrates Waco region

For decades, we’ve been losing the “messaging” battle in the Hispanic community.

Maybe it’s because no one was willing to take the time to build relationships with Spanish media outlets, or perhaps it was just that the message didn’t resonate?

Whatever the reason, Hispanics have had a very one-sided view of reality, based on a one-sided version of the truth.

Since our formation, we have been refining our message to revolve around the things that really matter to all people…the advancement of our children.

The days of simply inviting Hispanics to Republican Club meetings are over.  Those shallow attempts to “recruit” Hispanics are perceived exactly for what they’ve been…an attempt to get votes.

But now, our message is not about “getting votes,” rather, it’s about helping our community advance itself through education and preparation.

The Republican Party has been misrepresented long enough by Democrats, desperate to maintain the messaging battle, and thanks to Publishers like Ernesto Fraga, of Tiempo Newspaper in Waco, the balance can be restored.

At least now, the “other” side of the story can be told, in an open forum, without the usual Editorial “slice and dice.”  I respect Ernesto for his willingness to publish our commentary, and look forward to an open dialogue with the people of McLennan County.

We have too many critical issue to address, and I know, people on both sides of the issues agree on certain issues like border security, immigration reform and education.  I know, because people tell me they want a secure environment to raise their children.  They want good schools that provide quality education and set high standards so our kids can be prepared for the future.

I am thankful for the many people who have been supportive of this movement.  I thank God for his blessings and I’m confident our approach will be embraced by those who open their minds to the reality facing us all.  We need to develop solutions, and Republicans want to play a role in how those are developed.  Republicans do care about the future of Hispanics…and the State Chairman, Steve Munisteri, is committed to the total inclusion of Hispanics within the Party…Period!

Look at next week’s Tiempo for our next weekly commentary : “Preparing for a Bright Future.”

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