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Build the GOP in Your County


It’s hard to find people who have enough time to dedicate a few hours to a “cause.” After all, their “cause” is the only one that really matters.

Times are tough for a lot of people, and spare time is precious.

It’s no wonder we’re in the mess we’re in.  This country needs its citizens to become active in protecting and defending her from the enemy within. But who is paying attention? Who cares whether the Occupy Wall Street protesters riot in the streets?

While most Americans are busy living their lives, the world around them is on the verge of chaos.

Yet, the cry for help goes unheard. Like the person being beat-up by thugs…everyone watched and no one did anything. Americans have been conditioned to stay out of trouble. It’s better to keep quiet and stay alive, than “rat” someone out.

The values many of us grew up on no longer exist. Young people are being fed a lie. They’re being led to believe that America no longer exists…that the America their parents knew is not the same one they know.

Because many young people do not have patriotism and loyalty to this country, it’s easy for them to disregard the laws of this country. After all, when you have no respect for your parents, how can you have respect for this nation?

We have to pull ourselves back from the edge.

We must decide to do something instead of doing nothing. Building the GOP in the image of the people is one of the most effective ways any one individual can contribute. Your ideas, passion and energy is what’s needed, and you don’t need an invitation. You don’t need permission to participate. You just need to decide to do something…

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