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“One-on-One” time with our Congressman, Bill Flores


Last night, the Hispanic Republican Club of McLennan County met in Waco for our monthly meeting. I had no idea we would be joined by Bill Flores, U.S. Congressman (CD-17).

What started as a night of organizing turned into a “mini-round table” with the loyal Hispanic Republican Club members in McLennan County.

We circled the chairs, turned on the video camera and had an incredible conversation about issues relating to the Hispanic community as well as topics regarding energy, jobs and of course, the Obama Administration. We talked about the problems we’re facing with escalated crime coming from gangs and cartels and touched on issues close to home.

With a “friendly” environment, we asked questions freely and openly. Congressman Flores didn’t hesitate to share his thoughts and vision for what’s happening today in Washington, and spoke without regard for what people might “think” of his answers, showing a deep understanding of complicated issues within the Hispanic Community.

From Immigration and Border Security to his Debt Ceiling vote, he laid it all out there for us to absorb. He had the opportunity to talk about his voting record and reiterated his thought process and reasoning for his votes.

Some in the circle were opposed to his vote to raise the debt ceiling, but after an in depth discussion, and explanation of the details of the bill, they were completely renewed in their faith and trust in Bill Flores’ decision.

Many in the Democrat Party who say the GOP will never be “for” the Hispanic community. It’s a shallow perspective, sure, but one that exists. In the past, Hispanics felt left out of the picture…as if their voice didn’t matter. At least, that’s what the Liberals have been preaching for decades.

But, those stereotypes are being shattered now. Last night, Bill Flores was listening, sharing and building a relationship with Hispanic Republican Activists in McLennan County.

He could have been anywhere…in fact; he rented a car at the airport in Dallas and drove down to Waco to be with us. He could have just gone home…but he didn’t.

So, to all those Hispanics who think Republicans don’t care…what do you say now?

Recently, Bill Flores has been asked by U.S. Congressman Lamar Smith, to co-author a bill relating to Immigration. As mentioned in previous blogs, if we want things to actually change in the field of Immigration, it will only happen through legislation. The body that would present solutions on immigration is more than likely, the House Judiciary Committee…Chaired by Lamar Smith, (TX).

Hispanics need to decide where they stand on immigration issues and unify/galvanize our message, letting our representatives know they will have our support when they risk stepping out on the “plank” and exposing themselves to those who wish to see a free-flowing border and those who are totally against any solutions other than mass deportation.

President Obama has begun to rally his base. He went to the Congressional Black Caucus and told them to take off their house slippers and put on their marching boots. He emphasized how close they are, and how he needs them to get involved and not sit on the bench.

I say we need to rally our base…the hard working Hispanic Americans who have been reserved, cautious to enter the political arena. We must be the ones who answer the “call” and counter with activism. The Black community isn’t the only community that owns marching boots…

We need to prepare for a battle with the Left. We need to understand their plans and organize to mobilize against their efforts to keep spreading the lies in our community.

We need to get our own community back on track and rely on ourselves…not the government.

Obama had a slogan…”Yes we Can!” What does this really say? Sure, we “can” do anything we set our minds to, but will we? Will we actually do what’s necessary to achieve and succeed? Looking at the trends in the Hispanic community today, the answer is “no.”

A week ago, I was visiting with a friend, Ruben C., in San Antonio. He was talking about an experience he had with a friend his senior year in High School. His friend said, “What are you gonna do after High School?” Ruben told his friend he would somehow find a way to live in a big house in a particular exclusive neighborhood in Houston. “Yeah right…you can’t do that!” responded his friend.

Then, Ruben replied, “Yes I will!” And he did.

The difference between Obama’s “Yes we Can!” and Ruben’s “Yes I Will!” is accountability. Accountability for our own actions. It’s the difference between saying you’re going to do something and actually doing it.

Bill Flores is leading by example. He was at our very first meeting…before he announced he would be running for Congress, and he’s there now. He’s someone we can trust and has proven, without being asked, to play an active role in the development of solutions for the Hispanic Community. He is aware of our every move and is in tune with our issues.

It’s an honor to have him as our representative, and to those who question the intentions of the GOP…the question now is…what are you willing to do to make an impact? Can you get beyond the stereotypes and propaganda? Is your Hispanic community important enough to set aside partisan politics and work on solutions? We are grateful for the close relationship we have been able to build with our Congressman, and we know this will bear fruit in the very near future.

The GOP is here…and we’re not going anywhere!

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