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Texas Hispanic Republican Summit, Nov 19, 2011

Join us for a day of unity and collaboration among Hispanic Republican Leaders and Organizations.

We must crystallize our message and unify around common goals in order to become an effective voice for the community. For too long, the Hispanic Community has lived under the directives of Democrats, which have led us in the wrong direction.

This Summit will bring us together on common issues, creating a united front, focused on electing Candidates who will represent us and our issues.

We look forward to collaborating with existing clubs and organizations, as we work together to change the course of our Hispanic Community.

**Only Registered applicants are allowed entrance. Disruptions will not be tolerated.**

November 19, 2011
Vara Martin Daniel Performing Arts Center
Hill College
112 Lamar
Hillsboro,TX 76645

Morning Session : 10am-12pm

This will be a Leadership meeting with Presidents, Chairmen and Directors of Hispanic Republican / Conservative organizations across Texas.

Afternoon Session : 1pm-4pm

This is the General Assembly meeting, which will include registered activists from Hispanic Organizations across Texas.

The Agenda is currently being developed, including the Guest Speaker list. With cooperation from participating organizations, this will be an event like no other. We invite you to join the conversation!

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