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Itamar Gelbman : Candidate for CD25

“Wait till 2012, when I’ll be in office, we will support setting meetings between Hamas and God !” commented Itamar Gelbman, on his facebook page.

The  US CD-25 Candidate’s original post… “Hamas announced that they are breaking the cease fire agreement… 1st of all, I didn’t know that they agreed to a cease fire, after all, how can you shoot hundreds of rockets and execute terror attacks and call that a cease fire ?!?!?!, 2nd – I say lets give the IDF the green light to show them what happens when you mess with the IDF…”

For those who have been hiding under a rock for the past decade, Hamas is the ultimate Extreme Radical organization on the planet.  Their way is the way of the terrorist.  It is with this extreme situation in America, that I write about Itimar Gelbman. 

With so many candidates entering the race for the newly created CD-25 seat in Texas, we must begin to understand the views and intentions of those who wish to represent us in Washington.  In these elected officials we trust, to abide by the Constitution and protect it, thereby allowing it to protect us.

During the CD-17 election of 2010, (R) Bill Flores defeated (D) Chet Edwards, who had maintained his seat for 20 years in a Conservative majority district.  Today, Bill Flores sits on committees where he is responsible for legislation affecting every citizen in this Nation.  Today, Bill Flores is fighting for us on the House floor in Washington.  He may not be doing things in perfect harmony with every constituent in his district, but he represents the majority.

It makes me recall the primary race leading up to the showdown with Chet Edwards.

We had, at one time, 7 candidates in the race.  No one knew who they were, or what they represented.  At the time, Obamacare was the big threat.  Everyone had answers…”If I’m elected, the first thing I’ll do is make sure Obamacare never happens.”  The “death panels” were  the buzz words…and the fear of a catastrophe loomed.

Some rose to the top.  Their well thought, solution-based responses resonated and motivated people into action.  Others fell further and further behind.  Why did they fall behind?  Was it because they didn’t have name recognition?  Was it because they hadn’t done anything in the district prior to the Primary…and basically no one trusted them?  Or was it just because they didn’t have enough money to compete?

Whatever the reason, the reality is, leaders rise and their message resonates.  Does CD-25 know who “that” candidate is?

Back to the comment from Itimar Gelbman, a man who wants your vote of confidence .  When someone says they want to arrange a meeting between “Hamas and God,” what does he mean?  In a recent conversation, Gelbman affirmed his position, stating that he would always consider the safety of America as his number one priority.  He wants to be on committees that deal with these issues first hand. 

Yes, we all agree, they may deserve to meet their maker, but only after the American people say so.  None of us want the United States making mistakes when it comes to how we deal with Terrorists, and most will agree, part of the reason we’re in the situation we’re in is because of poor judgement and planning.  I don’t want to hear…”The reason I voted to invade (Enter Muslim Extremist Country Here)  was because we had intelligence there were several Hamas leaders present.  We unfortunately had the wrong intel, and in this case, those families were a casualty of the war on terror.”

How can we, the American people, hold our representatives accountable after they’re elected?  When a US Congressman does something, their actions have major consequences.  When you elect someone, your vote has consequences.  Be informed.

We will be interviewing Itimar Gelbman in a few days to discuss more about his views on terrorism and other major issues.  Stay tuned!!

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  1. Gehrig Saldana

    Great work Duke. Itamar is due for his Ricky Ricardo moment: “Itamar, you got some ‘splainin’ to do.” Hope he is able explain his position on this issue better than our candidates do when asked for specifics on immigration reform once they go beyond their “Let’s better secure our borders” campaign spiel. Ouch!

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