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Documenting Illegals or Pathway to Citizenship?

Today on the news, reporters are talking about the Obama Administration’s latest move to inject new Immigration policy without approval from Congress. They’re saying Homeland Security should step up its enforcement of immigration laws, in particular, identifying those illegals who have violated our laws. The Obama Administration wants to get rid of the illegal criminals living among us.

At the same time, reports are coming in stating the Administration would like to streamline the process in which illegal immigrants can receive documentation through expedited means. What are those? How will they be paid for? And most importantly, what does that mean for you and me?

Here’s the deal.

Our Republican Party has been working on the “message” on how we can develop our Hispanic Conservative base. We know the primary issue among Hispanics is immigration and border security. So why aren’t we leading this charge? Why is it we sit here…again, watching our opposition gain ground in our Hispanic community?

It’s a topic that leaves many Republicans scratching their heads. Just last night, I received an email from a Republican who is concerned with the rapid expansion of the Hispanic community in his area near Houston. He wants to know how we can overcome obstacles and develop solutions to deal with the current issues.

He’s no different than anyone else I meet. We all want solutions. So what’s stopping us? Why are we sitting on the sidelines with this?


Fear of appearing weak or compassionate. Our politicians fear backlash from the hard right. They’re afraid of saying what needs to be said, and rather than upset their supportive base, they say nothing. Just as they were taught to do at their candidate training class. Keep the answers broad…don’t let the media pin you in a corner…

But here’s the problem. While we sit and play our games, the Democrats are making things happen. Even if it results in another empty promise, the fact is, they appear to be trying to help provide solutions.
What do we have to offer? What are we doing to provide solutions?

Recently, a US Senatorial Candidate mentioned he didn’t believe in any sort of pathway to citizenship. What then, are we to do with the 15,000,000 plus illegals living in America? Deport them all? If he’s against documenting these illegals because their net result could mean they receive a temporary visa, then what does he propose to do about those living among us?

Does the documentation of an illegal immigrant equate to a pathway to citizenship? That’s the real issue here. Don’t we want to know who’s here and where they live?

In my opinion, documenting illegals is not the same as granting citizenship. They are two separate issues. Because an immigrant qualifies for a temporary visa, doesn’t mean they qualify for citizenship. It also doesn’t mean they want to become citizens…some do not. And that’s ok. It’s not a requirement of our country that immigrants become citizens.

We have to get our message right. We have to understand what we’re saying and how it’s being interpreted. No longer can we spout off with broad generalities to appease our base. We need answers. We need solutions.

Comments (3)

  1. I have to say that the Repubican candidates have not put their ideas on the table. I too feel that documentation is a must and those who have broken the law need to be dealt with. There are many here that have been working hard and paying taxes and I believe in most cases they should be brought to the fore-front in obtaining they’re citizenship. I have spoken to many that have acknowledge that they want to do it the right way not be given amnesty. You have to ask yourself for what purpose is Pres. Obama doing this. Of course he wants to be re-elected and if that is the only reason then we should and have to take a stand. We as a nation have to realize that there are motives for this move. And what does Homeland Security have to do with this. It’s the Immigration system that has problems. They should be held accountable along with Pres. Obama. I have 1 question do immigrants want to be citizens and earn that right or do they want to come over illegally in order to fall to the Democrats wishes , the government will take care of you attitude. Handouts are not free, with it comes, liberty, freedom, representation and the list goes on. They will be taken away from us. I pray that every citizen in this country will realize what is going on because it is not good.

  2. Gehrig Saldana

    Duke, There is much work to do as we seek candidate specific answers and recommended solutions on the immigration reform issue. While the issue of better securing our border is very important, our candidates appear to spend over half their time opining on this sub-issue during candidate forums and shy away from going into specifics on the issue of what to do with the approx. 15,000,000 illegal immigrants who are living in America. Excellent op-ed, it needs to be distributed throughout our entire conservative outreach network. Steps need to be taken to enable our conservative candidates to provide the skinny on this issue during their candidate forums.

  3. I can tell you first hand that Republicans have a PR problem. After seeing how the Democrats Party of Bexar County dominated my wife’s American citizenship ceremony in San Antonio, TX, it’s not a surprise to me how new American citizens view the Democratic Party as overwhelmingly favorable.

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