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GOPisForMe at Bexar County LNRC Meeting by Duke Machado
Shortly before our launch, the Latino National Republican Coalition (LNRC) had become an Auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas.   A new organization, focusing on Hispanic issues and Party development, the LNRC has developed into five chapters in different parts of the state.  They support candidates and participate in events to draw attention to the issues facing the Hispanic community. 

A few weeks ago, I visited with Alejandro Sostre Odio, the Bexar County LNRC Chairman.   We discussed our common goals and talked about techniques that were working and not working.  We talked about the need to develop clear messaging that we could all support, and touched on the need to roll our sleeves up and get into the community.  After a productive conversation, Alejandro invited me to come to San Antonio and speak to his group about what we’re doing and introduce the concept of our Stepping Stones initiative.

Of course I accepted, honored to have the opportunity to meet with his vibrant group of Hispanics and non-Hispanics, all passionate about the movement. I had some incredible discussions with Hispanic Activists David Rosa and Michael Berlanga, who are “vets” when it comes to activism. Their vision for a unified Hispanic front is in line with ours, and together, we will make gains within our community.

Here is the audio clip of that meeting and a glimpse of the messaging and unity we are promoting.  We look forward to a long lasting, professional relationship with LNRC and are more than willing to help in any way we can to promote our common objectives.

Thank You Alejandro and your incredibly passionate members in San Antonio.  Also, a special thank you to James Barnes, who coordinated with both organizations to make this connection happen.

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