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Who takes the Senate?

Before David Dewhurst, Lt. Governor of Texas announced his intentions to run for U.S. Senate, Ted Cruz was rising faster than the price of gold.

Email blast after blast, we were informed of the tremendous fund raising successes and endorsements coming in from across the country for the former Solicitor General.

Ted Cruz might have just “waltzed” right into a U.S. Senate seat, if it were not for David Dewhurst.

I always wondered about those who sit and watch as the “early-bird” Candidates spin their wheels, eat up the high ways and burn the candle at both ends.   They sit on high ground, with a commanding view, and observe.  Then, once they see who the toughest challenger is, they determine their odds, and if they feel their candidacy would improve the race…bam…they announce.

That’s how it was in CD-17…remember when we had 5-6 candidates running around the district? These guys were putting in overtime…meeting people in small town cafe’s and restaurants…even at people’s homes. They worked tirelessly building name recognition. Why? Because Name Recognition is everything.

As I began writing this blog, I had to think of who was running for Senate against Dewhurst. “What was his name…I know it…oh, that’s right…Ted Cruz…” What will the Republican Base think? Many of them rallied around Ted Cruz, confident he was the “most conservative” of the bunch. But now that Dewhurst is in…it’s definitely a kink in the chain.

Point is…in the end, these power players wait, and when the time is right, they jump in. Bill Flores did it…David Dewhurst just did it, and you can bet Rick Perry’s doing it right now.

I haven’t had the opportunity to visit with Ted Cruz…but I do look forward to meeting him and getting his thoughts on Hispanic issues as well as Immigration and the Border. I have had the pleasure of visiting with David Dewhurst, who spoke on immigration issues and border security. His responses and ideas resonate…


Comments (4)

  1. gehrig

    I like Ted Cruz. His message rings loud and clear, a true conservative who appears to have broad support throughout our great state of Texas.

  2. Yes, I agree he is a Conservative, but what is it that would make people cast their vote for one or the other? They’re both Conservative…

  3. gehrig

    Your’re correct Duke, we’ll find that out once we have an opportunity to hear their message on the campaign trail up until next year’s primary.

    • I feel like we need someone who understands the Immigration issue in Texas and is willing to initiate a plan to document Illegal immigrants and secure the border…wonder who will speak about that? I’m not holding my breath…

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