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When we launched the Hispanic Republican Club of McLennan County just a year and a half ago, we anticipated it would become the “template” for several new Hispanic clubs built through the Hispanic Republican initiative.

We’ve known the Hispanic community had been dominated by Liberal messaging for decades.  Like one man said today, “…when Democrats ask us what they can do for us, we should say thanks for the offer, but I can take care of things myself.”

When we become comfortable with “free” money, the end is near.  Near, for the individual taking the money…and near, for our country, which will run out of money trying to “help” people.

We spoke about my recent testimony in Austin regarding the Higher Education Bill Sen. Brian Birdwell was presenting.  Everyone in the room agreed, we should not be giving our money to illegal residents when we have plenty of legal residents who need it.  They felt Senator Birdwell was absolutely correct for presenting such a bill…no one was offended by it or implied it was prohibiting education to illegals.

We talked about the work we’re doing in Falls County to develop the Hispanic Republican movement and recapped the recent Cinco de Mayo event sponsored by the Republican Party of Texas, GOPisForMe, SREC-22 and Falls County Republican Party.  We had several members of the Falls County Hispanic group in attendance, which was great to show the unity and cohesive working relationships across the district.

We also discussed the efforts of the Hispanic Republican Club in Navarro County, which we (GOPisForMe) helped organize, along with County Chairman Frank Steed.  They have been making calls and walking blocks on behalf of Mayoral Candidate Ralph Gonzales, a retired Air Force veteran and Corsicana native.

Bosque County participated in the Cinco de Mayo and manned a booth, passing out literature and talking with local residents about the Republican Party and our beliefs.  Juanita Miller did a fantastic job coordinating with the Bosque GOP to provide an incredible opportunity to reach into the Hispanic community.

After a recap of the progress we’ve made in the past 30 days, we moved on to the main speaker…Tony Abad.  Tony is a member of the Hispanic Republican Club of McLennan County and a Board Member of GOPisForMe…he’s also running for Waco ISD School Board.  He spoke to the group about the situation on the ground in Waco.  He stated that, through today, there have only been 548 votes city-wide .  All the home meetings, meet & greets, interviews, newspaper write-ups and facebooking has only turned out 548 voters.

Tomorrow is election day.  Hopefully everyone’s waiting to cast their vote on election day??

There was a really good feeling in the air.  It was light, happy and productive.  People were exchanging phone numbers and emails, talking about issues and building friendships.  I made a new friend, a local Hispanic businessman who is setting up a meeting next week to meet with half a dozen of his Hispanic Republican friends who have not yet engaged in the movement.

I can’t wait to visit with them and talk about the “gameplan.”  Speaking of gameplan, this Sunday, we will be heading to San Antonio to meet with an activist Hispanic group wanting to get involved.  They responded to one of our blogs and asked if we could help them get moving in the right direction.  Looking forward to developing a network in San Antonio…

Special Thank you to Bryan Preston of Pajamas Media for the re-posting and write-ups from our blog.  Support from people like Bryan, advances the movement, and we truly appreciate it!

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