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GOPisForMe: Spotlight Candidate – Ralph Gonzalez

If you ever met Ralph Gonzalez, you’d immediately feel comfortable around him. He’s a humble, easy-going man with American pride. He served his country for 23 years in the U.S. Air Force, retiring and moving back to his home town of Corsicana. But while he was gone…nothing changed…it was business as usual.

According to Ralph and others present at a recent Hispanic Republican activist meeting in Corsicana, they have no voice. “It’s as if they don’t see us,” explained Greg Estrada, President of the newly formed Hispanic group.

The frustration is building, and the people of Corsicana are ready to cast their vote for someone who understands them and is willing to listen. They want their beloved city to be more “equal” and fair. They don’t want special treatment, they just want their voice heard…they want someone to represent them.

Ralph enters this race with no political experience. Does he need “political” experience? We’ll see. Based on what I witnessed a few days ago in Corsicana, seems like it’s more about honesty, character and willingness to represent ALL citizens of Corsicana.

Ralph brought up a recent encounter with a local resident. A man saw Ralph at a stop light. He pulled over, threw his truck in park and came over to Ralph, who was still sitting in his truck. “I just wanted to come over and shake your hand…and to let you know, if the Hispanic vote doesn’t carry you, the Black vote will,” the resident exclaimed.

In just three weeks, the people of Corsicana will be casting their vote, either keeping or replacing their mayor. Will Hispanics and Blacks unite to elect a new mayor? Is there enough activism and financial support to help Ralph win?

I do know this. Ralph needs donations from those who believe in this movement. If you would like to contribute to his race, you can do so by clicking the Donate button below.

Ralph Gonzalez
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